Albion Online MOD APK v1.20.070.232934 (Unlimited Money, MOD Menu) Free on Android

Fans of video gaming have long wondered whether there would indeed be a tremendous fixed-line multiplayer online point in contrast with the existing saturated market. Albion Online MOD APK is a brand-new game that presents a whole new universe for its players.

Additional Information

App Name Albion Online MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 111M
Latest Version
Root Required No
Installs 5,000,000+ downloads
Required 8.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Role Playing
Sandbox Interactive GmbH
Update 1 day ago
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In the virtual world of Albion Online MOD APK, you can play through the land of a dark medieval age, thanks to its fantastic gameplay. Here, you can be your person create your own story. Develop your classes for various careers. Will you be a productive person, or help you play as a member of bands of bandits and continue robbing other players?

Build your very own customizable characters, give them specific items, advance their capabilities in the form of your preferences, and join millions of internet users in this massive community.

Albion Online MOD APK Features

Now you see the fascinating aspects of Albion Online. Decide if you’d like to learn.

Fight for your survival

In the realm of Albion Online, players will have the chance to show their skills in thrilling clashes with powerful monsters throughout the land. Besides, testing your skills regarding rivals can be done by participating in exciting PvP battles.

Those with a flair for working together may form teams, guilds, or squads to address challenging problems or complicated activities. Challenge your rivals in large-scale wars across the lands of Albion Online MOD APK.

After you gather enough power, money, and influence, you can build your lands. Construct buildings, villages, and armies to protect them. Gather resources and keep expanding your land. Warn others against invading your land and securing property in your vicinity.

Use your brilliant strategies and strong armies to bring the enemies to their knees. More land and resources give you more resources to shelter your people from the dangers lurking in the surroundings.

However, the ferocious creatures also have access to valuable treasures after you’ve killed them. Hence, monster hunters are always needed for the job. Become a hero, assist others in distinctive ways, accrue rewards, and destroy savage monsters.

Albion Online MOD APK

Unique player-driven economic

Here in Albion, a lot of things are provided by other individuals. Nevertheless, you can be a good citizen in Albion Online APK and contribute to the economy by taking specific careers.


As a farmer, you’ll be doing good work for the entire economy by providing high-quality agricultural products to the market. Moreover, you can steer clear of a stressful lifestyle that won t offer you pleasant rest.

The agriculture business also allows you to befriend lovely animals, relocate to grow crops, and make tasty products from your proceeds. It’s an excellent way to escape the hectic war inside Albion while still allowing yourself to maintain a steady income.

Pay close attention because some guilds will benefit you because of your willingness to provide agricultural products for the economy.


And suppose you consider it to be not appropriate for the day-to-day and quiet life of a farmer. In that case, you might discover hunting and forage more appealing here. Today, in this Albion Online world, you can choose to go on loot expeditions across the lands. Research unique products that only appear in the wild and go against dangerous predators to make them rich in the realm of Albion Online. Wear a military uniform and fight against powerful monsters in the kingdom to amass great wealth. But do not forget to watch the predators who want to take advantage of you.


Research unique products that only appear in the wild and go against dangerous predators to make them rich in the realm of Albion Online. Wear a military uniform and fight against powerful monsters in the kingdom to amass great wealth. But do not forget to watch the predators who want to take advantage of you.

Albion Online MOD APK


We’ll need many retailers to help us deliver our goods to every corner of the globe. With this job, you can take trips to exciting places, meet interesting people, and put up for sale all kinds of excellent merchandise. Make sure to bring a carriage to carry your goods safely to prevent thieves from taking them.

Suppose you want to make some easy money without preceding the exertion of trading. In that case, you can list your stuff for sale at the local marketplace. Much of your trade will reasonably appeal to the many people who pass through.

Build your own home

In Albion Online, there for players to earn constructions, furniture, and various other buildings with their understanding of building and construction. Players can also design their houses in the same place where they perform well.

You can add unique decorations and furnishings to your home and start by bringing in new family members. An additional cozy bed, hot temperatures, and delicious dishes provide every man with the basic requirements to live in Albion contentedly. Furthermore, the furniture also supplies you with various boosts and bonuses.

You may want to expand your house into a manor if you have sufficient money and power. Gather people eager to live under your protection to organize your society. Control with economy and armies in other rural areas and expand as the region’s wealth grows.

Varying character customizations

Furthermore, you can personalize your character with various characteristics and physical appearances. And depending on your personal preference, you are free to choose to develop your character on multiple paths in the Destiny Board. Become a farmer, warrior, craftsman, or hunter, anything you want. Depending on your preference, you may choose different ways or take a single one.

In addition, in Albion Online, players are not restricted by classes. Thus all items can be equipped with different characters without class restrictions. Wear what you want and make use of what you’ve got. The most important thing to note about Albion is that nothing is permanent. You may spend your whole life working there but also learn more about fighting. The game’s interchangeable elements allow you to experience your favorite activity differently.

Albion Online MOD APK

You’re not the only one

And don’t let yourself think that you’ll be completely safe even as a farmer. The world we live in also has other intimidating creatures that do not get along well with humans.

From the depths of hell, we have the despicable demons that make a terrific threat to the peace of Albion. While they are prohibited from crossing our world by the will of the cosmos, I don’t believe it would be extended until the next.

In these once-revered lands from World War I, heretics are causing an uproar. Causing difficulties and unrest among the citizens, they ought to be rooted out at any cost.

The lands of the Keepers of Albion are found in the dark forests of Albion. They have strange powers that allow them to control the elements. However, if you stay away, they may not pose a threat to you. They may have a territorial attitude if you try to enter them.

The dead souls who refuse to enter their next lives are known as the Undead. They live without purpose killing is their only source of entertainment.

During the Great War, the once-proud sorceress, Morgana, was exiled from the world of Albion. To this day, her followers remain in the dim recesses of Albion, still hoping for an opportunity to return the witch to glory.

The king and his followers are not to be trusted in Albion Online, although they sometimes offer attractive places to go that would be suitable for those in need of sanctuary. They are self-serving, but they do not care who it harms in their pursuit of wealth.

Albion Online MOD APK

Enjoy cross-platform gameplay

Players can now enjoy a genuinely cross-platform Omnia gaming experience for the first time with this game. The game is also available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. You can play on any device of your choosing anytime without issues.

Even as each version is optimized for various devices, you’ll have smooth gameplay and ergonomic control, no matter your devices.

Free to play

For Android users, you can download this exciting game to your devices by going to the Albion Online Official Website today and downloading the app file. Install the game and follow the instructions to play the game on your devices.


The game features impressive 3D visuals but is still reasonably easy to play on most devices. Still, to maintain a decent in-game experience, it’s recommended that your devices are equipped with the required hardware. Immerse yourself in the fantastic worlds of medieval civilization.


Almost every aspect of Albion Online is accurately depicted with realistic sounds. You’ll feel like you’re living in the real world instead of just playing an online game.

You will probably have a few complaints about this game. Download the game today to experience one of the best free MMOs for your desktop or phone.

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