Archero MOD APK v4.7.5 (Menu/One Hit, God Mode) Free on Android

Invest in the latest action subject from Habby and watch an exciting cave scene in Archero MOD APK. Create a protagonist character and command them to fight off famous adversaries in real-time strategy games. Read our articles to learn more about the game.

Additional Information

App Name Archero MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 303 MB
Latest Version 4.7.5
Root Required No
Installs 50,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Habby
Update 1 day ago
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You replace other archery players as the lone archer surrounded by monsters and enemies. You must also use your bow shooting skills to take down monsters’ and enemies’ waves. Keep resisting and timing your strikes against your previous experience.

Explore countless exciting features that Archer offers.

Archero MOD APK

Archero MOD APK Features

You may want to learn about these features before playing this game.

Discover your own stories

You’d probably wonder why you got into this mess to begin with. The only way to resolve this is to continue with your preliminary plan in the future. The answers to your situation may be found behind the closed ones. Figure out your origin in the epic archer game of Archer.

Improve your strength as you progress further into the game

Your hero must obtain levels to obtain additional videogame abilities and stats. As you progress through Archero, you’ll also gather various gadgets. Use these effectively to overcome the difficulties of adversaries in seconds.

Go against unique monsters with exciting attacks.

With you and you alone on this adventure, players ought to be prepared for anything no matter where on the journey they occur. And in this case, you’ll need to have your wits to stay prepared for the challenges you encounter. Each enemy you will come against features a set of strategies you can exploit by taking the best advantage of your strengths. Employ your capabilities and creative thinking to conquer the game successfully. And equally importantly, consider coming up with unique methods to help you succeed in the long run.

Travel hundreds of different maps with varied gameplay

As you take your journey in Archero, you’ll have the chance to travel to hundreds of unique places across the area. Every map has different challenges as well as advantages. As a wise archer, it’s your responsibility to observe strategic factors and devise different approaches to match those elements. Look at the unique lands of Archero as you engage in the epic battles.

Make use of different skill combinations.

Here in Archero, players are also given a chance to equip their heroes with diverse skills to make them more potent in fights. Choosing the best skill set will ensure you eliminate any enemies that stand in your way.

Archero MOD APK

Choose your skills and abilities to help you in your journey.

Gain experience to raise your proficiency as a novice archer. Gradually, you’ll become skilled at dealing with your adversaries and generate brand-new upgrades for your characters. Research powers and abilities used by different classes and begin applying them while you develop your champions based on how you fight. Pick from many wide-ranging and unpredictable skills and apply them to create better characters who will charge into battle.

Follow the epic and captivating stories.

In Archero, you’re considered the Lone Archer, regardless of age. All you can do concerning danger is to rely on your bow and arrows until you can safely put them in your quiver. Remember that as long as you are excellent with your weapons, you may never quit the battle. Remember to stay strong and set any goal you believe you can triumph.

Take on the dangerous missions ahead.

As you begin your adventure, you’ll be introduced to various fun and exciting challenges. Progress further as you learn more about the art of archery and take down any enemies that stand in your way. In each level, you’ll have to overcome obnoxious monsters obstructing your advancement and powerful boss characters that won’t quickly be extinguished.

Archero MOD APK

Simple and intuitive controls

You will immediately learn a game where your heroes can be positioned in appropriate locations. The creatures they shoot can be dragged and released to suitable sites by tilting your bow toward the enemy’s location. Initially, you will be unable to do very little, but as you progress in the game, you will gain more skills.

But, since you are the hero of the game, you have no place where to run; you are not allowed to leave. Eventually, use your fantastic archery skills to dispatch numerous foes as they’re charging at you.

Free to play

Despite the incredible qualities that the game provides, it is still available free of charge to download and play. So users can quickly download and install it on their devices free of charge. However, the game includes optional in-app purchases that you may realize are a little bothersome.

Play the game on-the-go

The video game provides fast-paced and stimulating gameplay to enable you to enjoy it anywhere. This casual video game is excellent for traveling, as it features exciting archery battles that you may participate in at any time.

Archero MOD APK


Hear the moving soundtrack as you activate Archero, and combat your enemies with exaggerated sound effects. With excellent sound effects, you can perceive how the arrows fly toward your enemies while you hit them when you shoot them. You feel as if you’ve indeed become a skilled archer.


The game Archero comes with aesthetic and comical graphics, making it enjoyable for people of all ages. The vivid and engaging visual elements will keep players entertained throughout their session.

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How to install Archero MOD APK on Android?

Archero MOD APK is an addictive game. One always wants to enjoy the game on their Android phone. But, how to install it? Yes! Here I am to give a simple and to-the-point answer for what you are looking for.

The first thing needed is to uninstall it if it is previously installed on your Android phone. After that, you need to change settings to allow third-party app download.

Some of the steps that will help you in installing Archero are as follows:

  1. Click on the download button available below.
  2. Wait until the download completes.
  3. It will automatically start installing on your phone.
  4. Once correctly installed, you can enjoy the game with all its advanced features.

 NOTE: the app is protected from any malware.

Archero MOD APK

How to download Archero MOD APK on PC?

Archero MOD APK game, and what if I told you that you could easily download it on your PC? Yes! You read it right; with some simple steps mentioned below, you can easily download your favorite game, Archero, on your PC. Bluestacks and NOX players must first install or download any mobile game on your PC.

Some of the following steps that will be helpful for beginners to install Archero gameplay on PC are as follows:

  1. To download the Archero game on PC, you first need to download the Bluestacks player to your PC. Bluestack is an Android emulator used to run Android applications on PC.
  2. After installing Bluestack, you can download Archero for PC from our website, i.e., given below.
  3. After downloading, you need to execute the file, or you can also import it from windows for installation purposes.
  4. After the installation, click on the launch button to enjoy your favorite gameplay, “Archero,” on your PC.

How to install Archero MOD APK on MAC?

Installing Archero MOD APK on Mac is as simple as on PC. Mac also needs apps to help install the Archero on the system.

You need to download the Bluestacks or Nox player to install the game. These apps will easily allow downloading mobile apps and games on your Mac. You can easily enjoy Archero on your Mac by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download the Bluestacks of Nox player, making it easy to get all mobile apps to run on Mac.
  2. Download the Archero file for Mac given below.
  3. Go to file location on your Mac. Right-click and choose from the Bluestack or Nox player.
  4. Agree on the terms and conditions for installing Archero on Mac. It may take some time on Mac as compared to PC.
  5. The installation will start, and you will get a notification when done.
  6. Once installation is completed, enjoy the Archero game on your Mac.

Archero MOD APK FAQs

Can I play Archero on PC?

If you already have an emulator on your computer, you can launch the Archero app directly. You can download the emulator of this application on this page and then install it on your computer.

What type of game is Archero?

Archero is a smartphone action game by Capcom and one of its precious hours. With a beautiful game art style, the control system is Back to one of the extraordinary oddities of video games.

How many levels are in Archero?

The Max player level is currently 100. Chapter Levels are gained by looting gold after overcoming a stage.

Final Words

Whether you want to do something fun in your free time or prefer challenging, engaging computer games, Archer is a simple yet fun game that will not disappoint.