Asian Cooking Games Star Chef MOD APK v1.45.0 (Unlimited Money)

Fans of addictive and delicious cooking video games generally enjoy the exciting and addictive gameplay of this mobile Asian Cooking Games title, Star Chef. This game is a model of arcade cooking simulation, with excellent game mechanics and a user-friendly interface. Create your own unique Japanese, Indian, Korean, Chinese, Thai, or any other type of authentic Asian dishes, many of which feature various components and cooking methods.

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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Enjoy playing the game with a range of easy cooking techniques and containers to carry out, giving you just enough guidance to be excited about mixing and matching your meals. Get your restaurants and stories made by doing your work well throughout the fast food world, and you can get the satisfaction of growing your company into something extraordinary. Read a detailed description of this intriguing game from TheAppGuruz and find out what makes it an excellent choice. Launch your restaurant or food service business, and strive to succeed in the culinary industry. Go about your business adventure with a high-quality Samsung Galaxy Tablet from TheAppGuruz and keep up-to-date on its features with our detailed reviews.

The latest installment of Star Chef allows Android platform users to re-create restaurants and journey to various countries worldwide to try out food gluttonously. Become a premier chef in all forms of restaurant cuisine and feature beautiful dishes that will be popular with your diners.You can change time by cooking many different dishes in a unique kitchen designed to facilitate complex challenges. Keep your innovative persona throughout the adventure as you learn to cater worldwide.

Asian Cooking Games Star Chef MOD APK Features

Simple and fun Gameplay

To begin with, Asian Cooking Games Star Chef players will not have issues getting accustomed to the simple and fun cooking game. All you have to do is cook in the kitchen stall and wait for your customers to come. Prepare the ingredients and have your food ready. And get ready for waves of flying orders from your customers.Give your customers their food before their patience runs out. Make sure you get the correct orders, and your customers are satisfied. Check to ensure all orders are received and maximize your earnings for the day.

Asian Cooking Games Star Chef MOD APK

Escalating Challenges

Now that you’re interested, you can enjoy the many different in-game levels, each of which teaches players to brand new demands to make. Be sure to hone your skill and improve your competencies, so it is possible to take care of any requests they make. Complete the objective to advance to the next level. As the game progresses and your character levels up, you’ll unlock a wide assortment of brand-new restaurants that want to experience your delicious dishes. Plus, as you interact with other chefs during gameplay, you’ll have the chance to unlock new levels, content, and in-game features along the way.

Useful Boosters 

It’s easy to gain a higher chance of winning an Asian Cooking Games Star Chef game by employing special tools and features, as in the case of those trying to join the “Master Recipemaker” bracket. Utilize numerous tools and abilities that cause disruptions or generate effects on your rivals to give you an upper hand in the kitchen. Slow down the game, rapidly finish your meal, improve the quality of your dinner, and many more. The various added boosters will undoubtedly enhance the gaming experience.

Asian Cooking Games Star Chef MOD APK

Improve your Restaurant

To protect their rankings, Asian Cooking Games Star Chef players can upgrade the kitchens in their restaurants using any available upgrades. Keep your customers happy by providing them with the most refined foods and drinks. Collect a healthy supply of cash to store in the Upgrades to upgrade other parts of your restaurant. Set your restaurant up to be a massive success in the culinary industry.

Cuisines to Explore

One such video game is known as Cooking Safari, Chinese Food Cooking, or Asian Cooking Games Star Chef, which will enable Android users to enjoy cooking exciting cuisines from throughout Asia, including activities like cooking in an inn in the Kingdom of the East, serving as the landlord of an elegant coffee shop in Hong Kong, or cooking a variety of delicious cuisine in a bamboo hut in Sri Kanom in Thailand. The game will unveil new continents for you to explore as you acquire new skills. Although once you’ve been in a new sector, you could start having fun cooking.

Complete Daily Quests

From within the game, all players may opt to finish their wide range of daily quests, which makes this a great experience to enjoy for all occasions. Opt to complete any of the inquiries to become a better player, as well as to capture exciting rewards.

Asian Cooking Games Star Chef MOD APK

Daily Rewards

At the same time, the game also presents large numbers of possible genetic mutations for free every day that Android players can easily profit from by installing the game. don’t forget to always accumulate the free daily genetic mutations that you gain access to simply by doing your job well every day.

Unlock More Features

Asian Cooking Games Star Chef players may be able to link up their social media accounts to the game. Additionally, now you can see your friends who are also doing the same thing on the game and begin to increase your current score in this game. Stay ahead of the competition for your bragging rights to a top chef.

Many Languages

Asian Cooking Games Star Chef players may be able to link up their social media accounts to the game. Additionally, now you can see your friends who are also doing the same thing on the game and begin to increase your current score in this game. Stay ahead of the competition for your bragging rights to a top chef.All you hear is the local dialogue and language in the content, so there will be no problems with utterly native gameplay.

Free To Play

The game’s exciting feature is that it remains free to download and play on all Android apparatus. As a result, it’s not a must for gamers to pay money to obtain the game from the Google Play Shop.

Enjoy the Modded Game

Suppose you want to fully enjoy the exciting gameplay of Star Chef Rice Chef Asia without putting money into advertisements and in-game purchases. In that case, you can now get the modded game on our website for all Android users. Strike the unmodified match on our site and unlock all features. The modded video game includes unlimited in-game money, no ads, infinite life, and a booster hack.

Asian Cooking GamesStar Chef MOD APK

Visual and Sound Quality


Game developers incorporating the colorful, enjoyable, and cute Japanese picture into Asian Cooking Games Star Chef will ensure that players become wrapped up in the beautiful and meticulous worlds of Asian cooking through delectable gameplay. Players will find themselves building and designing stunning kitchens to make a good impression when they’re working with interactive kitchen and cooking tools that accurately mirror realistic cooking movements.

Even the uncomplicated graphics of Asian Cooking Games Star Chef will permit you to enjoy a tranquil and pleasing diversion every time they appear on your Android devices. The gameplay of this particular game has also been made more enjoyable by this added element.In addition, the easy-to-use graphics will enhance your enjoyment of discussions and gameplay of Asian Cooking Games Star Chef on your mobile devices. This should make the game more thrilling

Sound And Music

Each Asian Cooking Games Star Chef restaurant has unique game mechanics that are educational, also featuring appealing graphics, good gameplay, and delicious cooking music. The ingenious soundtracks and immersive music will ensure an excellent gaming experience, no matter where you go.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy your adventure as a member of the fantastic Asian Cooking Games Star Chef community, in which you’ll explore the exotic lands of Asia and discover its delicious cuisine. Become the ultimate Asian chef and build as many restaurants as you see fit to satisfy the customers with your masterful cooking abilities.

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