Breach Clear APK (Unlimited Money)

You explore many different locations, ranging from vast forests to complex bases. Teaching The game talks about lethal snipers, heavily armored units, and mighty armies using machine guns capable of taking down infantry units. On top of that, there’s also a bomb defusal mode (Bomb Defusal) as you may have to eliminate the explosives within a specific timeframe.

Additional Information

App Name Breach Clear APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 42 MB
Latest Version 2.4.211
Root Required No
Installs 1,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.1 and up
MOD Free
Genre Strategy
Update 1 day ago
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Breach & Clear Tactical Ops offers a great action game experience. You control a group of warriors to destroy enemies lurking in a large area. It would help if you predicted everything to devise the best precise strategy. For each battle, every soldier is essential, and everyone who comes up with a plan has hard-won value.

This is a complex ball game where you’re encouraged to watch different aspects of a tactical battle to cultivate a successful strategy. Get ready for a strategy game against world terrorism. Choose good spacial positions to destroy your opponents, and set traps like mines or time bombs.

Breach Clear APK

About Gameplay

Challenger Breach & Clear Tactical Ops was partly inspired by members of the Special Operations Forces community. As a result, players always have an accessible level of tactical training. You can select from various real squadrons, such as the U.S. Rangers, the UK SAS, and Canada’s JTF2s. The game supplies an array of weapons with more than 12,000 combinations, benefits, tactics, camouflage, armor, and support equipment.

You group up based on your plan and attack according to your calculations. You’ll need to learn the map in detail, such as access points, suitable travel routes, and using covering to deceive your enemies. Gameplay areas emphasize strategy, so you must plan each step incredibly carefully. You have a look at every side to safeguard your team. Then you command the soldiers to bash the door, participating in gun fights and often cleaning up each room with formidable opponents.

The game offers intense combat simulation experiences with expert military advice. Tampa Bay’s approach to battle goals is learner-centered and highly addictive. You build your squad, customize your battle parameters, and assemble a unique fighting force. The game allows you to select various weapons, with more than 60 unique varieties of guns.

From here, you can create an infinite number of combat combinations. You can equip the best devices for your special forces, such as gas masks, goggles, camouflage, helmets, vests, or anything else. It is also vital to treat lock, violation fee, UAV, and defibrillator. Because not all activities are easy, and you need specialized services to overcome complex tasks.

Breach & Clear Tactical Operations has three game modes with more than 90 missions. You choose your unit based on particular conditions, such as Canada’s JTF 2, the United States Navy SEALs, or the U.S. Squadron. Each task force has a unique set of skills and specialized competencies.

You familiarize yourself with the maps, create powerful strategies, interact strategically with your opponents, and update your strong trainers. You have a strong arsenal of millions of possible weapon combinations. You personalize the troops’ outfits into a mix of skill, strategy, armor, and weapons. Everything is made specifically for you. You can turn the tide of battle in tough battles by utilizing items that include Drones and UAV explosives.

You have to understand that success comes down to the team, so every soldier counts, and every one of your actions matters. You plan your missions and ways to approach ambushes from strategic vantage points.

With the help of Special Operations Forces reconnaissance specialists, each mission’s settings are pretty realistic. You will see cutting-edge tactics, innovative technologies, and high-class armaments. All action scenes are in real-time, requiring full attention. Breach & Clear Tactical Ops enables you to control a team of four troops under your command.

You have to motivate the team to complete multiple missions. The harder you complete, the better the challenges become. Select a wide selection of devastating weapons with more than 40 types of weapons. You purchase accessories for firearms to create the best compliment. You are actively engaged in combat and should prevent one participant from attacking all participants. You should coordinate members to surround enemies to restrict the damage.

You explore many different locations, ranging from vast forests to complex bases. Teaching The game talks about lethal snipers, heavily armored units, and mighty armies using machine guns capable of taking down infantry units. On top of that, there’s also a bomb defusal mode (Bomb Defusal) as you may have to eliminate the explosives within a specific timeframe.

Breach Clear APK

Breach Clear APK Features


Breach & Clear Tactical Ops offers a streamlined control mechanism and is very common. You start with four elite soldiers, such as Army Rangers or Navy Seals. You control each according to tactics to win. It would help if you remembered that strategy guides the game’s outcome. You can’t win by acting independently; you must move at the right time and place, depending on the game’s design. Mistakes may be corrected, and you can reorganize movements at every turn. Generally, the control of the machine is quite pleasant and easy. Just touch your smartphone’s screen to control everything, including moving the buttons around.

Graphics and sound

Breach & Clear inspects your tactical mission in 3D details and excellent graphics. You will see many specifics of rooms and forests. You can see the reality of weapons and equipment on a squad of four soldiers. The scene of each mission is created in detail, making a strong sense of action. You can see many information about your surroundings, including ruins and lifeless warriors.

The details of 3D simulation games are incredibly developed, rich in detail and textures. The sound files include explosions, shots, and screams of individual characters.REDCON: An exciting strategy game that features real-time interaction as you acquire resources and defend your fortress. You direct your crew to launch repairs and do other work, and you can scaffold and build your very own battle fortress at a whim. You will possess incredible, exciting weapons that you can use to test your mettle.

Breach Clear APK

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Breach Clear APK


Breach & Clear Tactical Operations can help you become a great tactical military officer. Use all your natural talents, like constructing, arranging, and caring for your team. Create admirable battalions, assemble weaponry, become acquainted with squads, and participate in exciting battles.

The game requires in-depth tactical concepts to beat the most challenging opponents. You choose your Special Operations team and plan and perform demanding missions. The game presents famous realist forces, such as the United States Rangers and the US Navy’s JTF2. They get ready to confront sessions with many enemies, use different techniques, and possess tactical expertise.

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