Breach & Clear MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Breach and Clear Tactical Ops offers an intensive tactical combat experience. You lead a team of soldiers to overcome enemies hiding in a vast, open environment. You must think carefully to come up with the best tactical plan. You control The Task Force via mighty warriors, and everyone is equipped with the best gear. A soldier is an integral part of your strategy, and anyone who makes a decision is a valuable member.

Additional Information

App Name Breach & Clear MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 42 MB
Latest Version 2.4.211
Root Required No
Installs 1,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.1 and up
MOD Free
Genre Strategy
Update 1 day ago
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You evaluate every angle of the battle and find an ideal approach, and complete the task in its entirety. The video game offers an intriguing experience within the meaning of the shooting match genre. Prepare yourself to command an elite special-operations army to fight the world terrorist enemy. Create traps in enemy places above their mines or, for example, detonate explosives on them.

About Gameplay

The Breach & Clear tactical game series was inspired by members of the Special Operations Forces community. As a result, game players always have access to a practical and tactical experience. You can choose from many real squadrons, including the US Rangers, the UK SAS, and Canada’s JTF2s, each with unique characters and strengths.

The game offers you many weapons to choose from, Fortuna/Oriflammai, tactical moves, camouflage, armor, and support equipment. You team up based on your plan and attack based on specifics. You must study the map carefully, such as safe access points and suitable travel paths, and reserve an excellent cover to defeat your enemies.

Gameplay highlighting strategy, so you must devise detailed strategies. You look at your allies from every angle to guard them against harm. Then you control the soldiers attempting to open closed doors, participate in tactical gun affairs and wipe down every room with tricky foes.

The gameplay highlights strategic choices, forcing you to formulate detailed plans. You strongly consider the best ways to safeguard your allies from harm and then take part in tactical gun fights and wipe down each room maliciously. The game offers a distinctive array of weapons, with more than sixty forms.

From here, you can create thousands of priceless combinations. The game allows you to select the ideal equipment for your troopers, such as respirators, goggles, camouflage, helmets, vests, etc. In addition, select lock, refusal fee, uncrewed aircraft, and the defibrillator will help you victory during the event.

Breach & Clear MOD APK

Because not every one of the assignments is simple, and you need specialized help to get past challenging situations. Breach & Clear Tactical Operations has three fun modes with more than 90 missions that you can select for the demands of the Canadian army JTF2, United States Seals, and United States Squadron. Each task force team sports different strengths and professional skills.

You develop skills to familiarize the map, map the battle, and interact with the game’s opponents to win. You determine an optimal plan, update your character trainers, and guarantee the most effective teams to combat the players. The game has a vast selection of weaponry between programs. You develop each cadre into a combination of abilities, strategies, armor, and supplies. Fighting opponents through tools like Drones and UAV bombs can help you turn the tide of a challenging battle.

Do not forget to emphasize the value of every single team member to make all of your soldiers successful at each tactical attack plan. The association with Special Forces Units involved offers exciting games like real life. You will see many unique methods, memorabilia, and firearms. All shootings are in real-time, requiring mental focus. Breach & Clear Tactical Ops lets you control a group of 4 troops governed by you. You have to try out concentrating on your troops to complete various missions. The more levels you meet, the more complex the tasks will become.

You can select from a variety of super weapons with greater than 40 unique weapons. You buy upgrades and available accessories to create the most potent mix. You are fighting in formation seriously, and you should not use one person to attack every enemy. To best coordinate the teammates, you must keep working with strangers to clear an area from them.

Once you’ve achieved the ultimate conquest, you will be offered many valuable rewards. The game contains three separate gameplay modes: the Terrorist Hunt, Bomb Defuse Full, and Escape Plan. It allows you to meet elite special forces leaders at Freiburg, Germany, during a significant rush. The environment comprises huge forests, complex harbors, and everything in between.

Terrorist Hunter discusses the advanced firepower that terrorists, military forces, and top militaries employ. In addition, the game also features an anti-explosives mode (Bomb Defuse), where the player has to discover and then defuse all explosives within a certain amount of time. All subsequent Quests are blocked because of the unending wave of assault.

Breach & Clear MOD APK

Breach & Clear MOD APK Features


The breach and clear tactical operation function has an intuitive control mechanism and is very functional. You can play with an option of four elite soldiers, which can be select groups like army rangers or navy seals. You control each member depending on the approach required to win. You then use the bonuses to enhance your weapons and train characters.

A great strategy will be crucial in winning a game. You can’t win without the correct method, so you must move at the right time and the proper place because that’s not working freely. You may fix mistakes or reroute your movements each turn (the average number of seconds).

For most smartphone users, the performance of the control module is simple, easy, and understood. You must place a finger on the screen to control everything, like manipulating troops.

Breach & Clear MOD APK

Graphics and sound

Breach & Clear Tactical Ops allows you to access detailed three-dimensional images and vivid gameplay. Many details regarding rooms and forests are shown, along with the operation of weapons, equipment, crew, and squads. The scene of each mission is also designed in great detail, giving a solid action sequence. You can see numerous sights outdoors, like collapsed buildings and dead combatants. Generally, the 3D graphics are well-drawn, detailed, and have a lot of textures: rich-sounding bullets, bomb explosions, and character calls.

The action-packed game REDCON can provide enjoyment. You can see numerous sights outdoors, like collapsed buildings and dead combatants. Generally, the 3D graphics are well-drawn and detailed and have a lot of textures: rich-sounding bullets, bomb explosions, and character calls.

The action-packed game REDCON can provide enjoyment. You decide on a target to provide the right ammo, strength, and workforce in each battle. You order your team to repair, operate machines and thwart powerful enemies. You can build and customize a battle fortress to suit your needs and explore a vast, epic arsenal of weapons.

Breach & Clear MOD APK

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Breach & Clear Tactical Operations assists you in standing out as a tremendous tactical military. Use all your skills, like planning, organizing, and supervising your forces. You select realistic squads, collect weapons, learn details, and participate in vigorous battles. Mastering the game’s tactical strategies allows you to defeat strong opponents.

You build your Special Operations team and plan and perform advanced missions. The game presents famous natural forces, such as the US Rangers, the US Navy, and Canada s JTF2. Get ready to challenge various enemies and employ excellent tactics and skills.

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