Data Underlords MOD APK v1.0 (Unlimited Money) for Android

As a Dota enthusiast or simply a fan of the experience that Dota Auto Chess provides that you want to explore, you will most likely find the official version of the game for mobile devices exciting. Enjoy smooth gameplay with no technical issues as you dive into the tactical battles in Dota Underlords.


Rather than controlling your characters on a sandbox and pursuing different physical lanes, your visitors usually play a fantastic game on a traditional chessboard. Players can select from various hero cards until they agree to pick a particular one. Each battle will require the players to collect many gold coins and summon additional heroes to equip powerful items on them.

Additional Information

App Name Dota Underlords MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 58 MB
Latest Version 1.0
Root Required No
5,000,000+ downloads
5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Strategy
Valve Corporation
Update 1 day ago
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Data Underlords MOD APK Features

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The official version of Dota Auto Chess on mobile devices

The PC version of Auto Chess is well known for its exciting gameplay. But, because it is just a mod version, some flaws remain. Data Underlords, Valve’s official Dota Auto Chess game, will provide an entertaining and addictive experience that surpasses your expectations. In addition, the game will be cross-platform and can be played whenever you want on all of your devices.

Play the game with your favorite Dota 2 heroes

In this game, players will have the opportunity to play along with their favorite Dota 2 heroes. Every hero falls into a particular category and race. The chance to choose class or race allows your team to enjoy various power gains. There are 15 different races and 11 different courses, providing many opportunities for you to boost your team’s performance. Opt for the perfect team composition to unlock your full potential and defeat tough opponents.

Collect and equip powerful items on your heroes

Based on the difficulty level of your opponents, it is significant you give your heroes new items with powerful buffs. In Dota Underlords, you can only receive items from defeating your enemies. The higher the difficulty levels of your adversaries are, the more notable items you will receive. You should seek treasure letters to get valuable objects. Each article also has buffs to the wearer and effects on the enemies. Ensure you know your strength to bring out the best in your team composition.

Manage your golds and use them effectively

Data Underlords MOD APK

You ought to keep an eye on managing your resources, primarily golds. You will get gold after the end of the round, and the more mana your heroes have, the more points you will earn. You can also sell your chess pieces for more gold or maintain a positive outcome for more gold. With the money, keep yourself informed of a few ways to use your gold more efficiently. You can pick the right upgrades if you prefer to spend money on various items. The ideal upgrades will help you get the most out of your funds.

Enjoy different game modes

Here in Dota Underlords, you can bet on exciting game modes that will hold your attention.

  • Online gameplay_ This web-based variation of Dota Underlords is the most attractive option. You will certainly love playing the game for the first time because you’re getting a glimpse of the epic cross-platform gameplay for smartphones and PC. You can play it at any time and on a variety of devices you have. Compete against other players in thrilling 2-on-2 matches. Go against other players to challenge yourself and improve your Dota Underlords skills. Invite other Dota Underlords players to compete against you, or take on ladders to climb.
  • Offline gameplay _Dota Underlords offers plenty of offline gameplay if you want to only play the game on your own. Play alone or with your friends in exciting text-only bot matches with various difficulties from simple to harsh. National Guard your offline gameplay whenever, wherever you want.
  • Offline practice – You may choose the coaching niche to practice your abilities for individuals who are unsure about their abilities. Select between different boss units with various capacities.

Free to play

That pleasant game is available to be played free of charge and will remain for many years. The players who love Dota Auto Chess should take advantage of this chance to enjoy a new game prepared with delightful and enhanced gameplay. Download and install the Dota Auto Chess game today to relish the addictive matches with your favorite champions.

Data Underlords MOD APK

Visual and sound quality


One can enjoy dynamic and realistic dot-3 environments, allowing them to interact with their chess pieces. Enjoy your matches with dramatic and detailed special effects. The game has extensive smooth, gratifying gameplay on many devices. In addition, the hand-drawn hero illustrations are incredibly entertaining to look at.


Play exciting sounds and music as you disrupt your opponent to conquer your surroundings. Fight alongside your heroes to elude influential executives and gain your deserved award.

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Data Underlords MOD APK

Download Dota Underlords latest 1.0 Android APK

From Dota Auto Chess to Dota Underlords, the whole game from Valve would satisfy you if you desire an authentic version of Dota for your PC. Play smooth gameplay on multiple platforms with a refined experience. We’ve also provided you with a few alternative games that follow a more or less similar pattern.