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Research has shown a significant spike in crime-themed drama television programs, series, and documentaries; their fan base is teens and young adults. Still, some people say that they are not authentic enough. Teenagers and young adults find the types of video games that are most suited to their interests to date. The Everbyte Studio game Duskwood MOD APK includes some of the most intriguing detective elements since 2019 began.

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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Additional Information

App Name Duskwood MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 153 MB
Latest Version 1.10.5
Root Required No
Installs 10,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Role Playing
Update 1 day ago
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Duskwood is a text-based adventure game. The player must thwart the bad guys by having conversations and choosing their adventure. The information a player uncovers as they work to complete the game is the basis for various investigations and observations. Remember that making smart decisions will allow you to reach different outcomes. For more information, Everbyte Studio regularly releases new story chapters so that people might continue to enjoy their journey.

This horror mystery occurs in the town of Duskwood. Their legends are mainly based on the mysterious forest few people know about. People rarely get lost in the woods there. Still, when people disappear into it, it is said to be very troubling, and nobody knows what’s happened to the missing ones.

Seventy-two hours have passed since Hannah Dunford went missing without a trace, countless things have happened, and the citizens of Helensburgh are more concerned than ever. Before Hannah disappeared, for some inexplicable reason, her final move was to call Thomas, your phone number. He’s putting together a guide for people who share a bond with him. You are tasked with investigating a bizarre kidnapping case. Each character has its backstory, and it is up to you to discover the truth.

The game is played in the style of WhatsApp, where your primary mission is to go from place to place, collect the evidence, and discover the truth. There are no back plots; you must collect all pieces of information given by the various characters involved. Remember that each part of the information is essential in preventing Hannah from getting targeted again.

It’s hard to locate the truth of Hannah Donford’s vanishing out of thin air. All players will have to get in touch with their cell phones to hand out clues and capture the identity of prospective suspects online. Additionally, each of the characters you encounter has their past, their life story varies according to what they input into social media, and their hobbies dictate what sorts of possessions they make online.

People may monitor the behavior of other users on social media, hack into cloud storage, look through old photos, or even privately read and hear through chats.

From nowhere, anonymous hackers text you were using a false identity and inform you that everyone is not what they seem. Thanks to a hacker, you can even hack into Hannah’s cloud, which might even reveal some crucial details as to what her informants did to her during the kidnapping. Take caution!

Duskwood MOD APK

Duskwood MOD APK Features

A game inside a game

Duskwood has no battling, shooting, or combative activities. In this game, we use our intelligence instead of physical weapons. The secondary game is called Match Three, and you will have to finish a few of them to continue the main storyline and collect credits. One is encouraged to complete all of them at once, not to have to stop the primary mission.

Think carefully and make smart decisions

The way you handle a choice can affect the result. There are different outcomes to different selections. Players create their own decisions, determine where they go, and confront their familiar faces through gameplay. The game begins slowly and requires your participation for a long time.

For instance, every action is performed as though you’re utilizing your character’s phone. It can feel like texting individual or group chats with these other players. They’re given choices that will identify what they can explore, who they can trust, and message puzzles all by themselves. They can always be aware of who to trust, but they can also make new pals. The more clues you get, the more opportunities you have to send your pre-written texts, call others using video apps, or exchange voice messages. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Free Shopping

Waiting around to get credits from mini-game tasks is not sufficient for many players, which explains why Duskwood Mod APK has given them a choice to store their money by letting them shop for free to select the game’s storyline without worrying about financing.

Duskwood MOD APK

Up to seven episodes are available.

There are presently six parts, and six are in development. With each feature, other secrets will be revealed, and players will make it closer to Hannah Dunford and the kidnapper.


The only real thing to talk about about the melodies of Duskwood is the monotonous sound of the crickets as soon as you open it, as well as the monotonous intonations of the texts. Even when there is hardly any music in the game, watching and listening is still fun.


The game design includes a set of custom messenger screens that follow distinctive color personalities. The graphics are simple and conventional because the design resembles a web-based messaging app like WhatsApp or Messenger.

How to Install Duskwood MOD APK on Android?

Duskwood MOD APK is one of the most popular gameplay. To install this game, everyone is curious to know the steps. To install the ball pool game, uninstall the previous version if it is already installed on your Android phone. MOD APK apps are third-party apps, so you need to go to settings and change security to enable sources.

It’s a myth that MOD APK files are not easy to install and cause different issues. But, here we will share some easy steps to install Duskwood MOD APK.

  1. Click on the download button available below.
  2. Wait until the download completes.
  3. It will automatically start installing on your phone.
  4. Once it is properly installed, you can enjoy the game with all its advanced features.

 NOTE: The app is protected from any malware.

Duskwood MOD APK

How to Install Duskwood MOD APK on MAC?

Installing Duskwood MOD APK on Mac is as simple as on a PC. To install the game, you need to download the Bluestacks or Nox player, making it easy to download any MOD APK game on MAC/PC.

Follow simple steps to install the Duskwood MOD APK on Mac.

  1. Download the Bluestacks of Nox player, making it easy to get all mobile apps to run on Mac.
  2. Download the Duskwood MOD APK file for Mac given below.
  3. Go to file location on your Mac. Right-click and choose from the Bluestack or Nox player.
  4. Agree on the terms and conditions for installing Duskwood MOD APK on Mac. It may take some time on Mac as compared to PC.
  5. The installation will start, and you will also get a notification when done.
  6. Once installation is completed, enjoy the Duskwood MOD APK game on your Mac.
Duskwood MOD APK

How to Install Duskwood MOD APK on PC?

Duskwood MOD APK game is an addictive game and many people are finding ways to download these games on PC. It is straightforward to install Duskwood MOD APK on a PC. To download the game, you need either a NOX player or Bluestacks.

You can easily download the Duskwood MOD APK on your PC by following four easy steps.

  1. To download the Duskwood MOD APK game on a PC, you first need to download the Bluestacks player to your PC. Bluestack is an Android emulator used to run Android applications on PC.
  2. After installing Bluestack, you can download Duskwood MOD APK for PC from our website, i.e., given below.
  3. After downloading, you need to execute the file, or you can also import it from windows for installation purposes.
  4. After the installation, click on the launch button to enjoy your favorite gameplay, “Duskwood MOD APK” on your PC.

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Duskwood is such a fantastic indie story in Candy Crush because it’s written by one of the creators of the Dead City web. The puzzles are tricky, but the language is amusing but unnatural and awkward. There are a large number of realistic and absurd twists that add to the environment. If you’ve never played this game, now is the perfect time to dive into these stories and become the best.