Fate Grand Order MOD APK v2.38.1 (Menu/Damage, Easy Win) Free on Android

Fate Grand Order has returned to Chaldea, where servants wait for your commands to combat your enemies and keep the future of the humane world. TYPE-MOON has created a new mobile RPG game with an exciting scenario and many different quests to explore this time. The game is entertaining, and there s no reason not to play it on other occasions, even if you don t much like the Fate series. When bored at home, why not open the application to collect characters and participate in the quests?

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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Fate Grand Order MOD APK Features

Enjoy the match; you act as a master who summons your Servant. Differing from the anime, be able to bring one Servant to serve you at one time. Fate Grand Order lets players gather innumerable servants from various classes in history. They take the form of cards, and you might even have more than a hundred servants.
With several workers at your disposal, it’s relatively easy to assemble a team that can protect you from the wickedness of humanity. Each game will allow players to select between two groups, with the starting lineup being the most crucial and the reserve lineup including flexible talent. The primary lineup consists of only three other servants, two of whom are the strongest, while the third is your companion.
When it comes to the best team member, the regular season comprises three weaker fighters who challenge the other one once the opponent gets eliminated. Saber often overpowers Lancer, while Lancer tends to trounce Archer. As a result, you have to be clever enough to choose the ideal squat to join the fight.
Fate Grand Order employs a strategic turn-based RPG system. There are several different cards available on the video game, including the option of playing up to five characters at once. Each of the cards depicts one of them, deciding which character will be the one to strike next.
You don’t just get upgrades for the Servant but also the Master of the gameplay. After winning the fights, players gain a whole lot of EXP points. As players stockpile adequate EXP, the Master gets upgraded to become even stronger.

Fate Grand Order MOD APK

General information

Fans of anime will be well acquainted with the Fate Stay Night franchise. It is composed of various movies that draw large audiences soon after their premiere. With the eye-catching animated graphics, and good plots, the anime has been developed into numerous games you can play on mobile with the name Fate.
As soon as the game gets into the spotlight, it ranks in the Top 1 App Store and Google Play downloads regardless of the difficulty of several factors. It also topped the Top Grossing charts if you don’t know about it. These achievements demonstrate that Fate Grand Order owns an attraction that entices adults and children internationally and domestically.
Thanks to the language barrier, the game isn’t a significant hit outside Japan. Aniplex, the game is wholly developed in Japanese; due to this, the game has expanded in popularity overseas.
Besides, the gameplay was based on the first part of the Fate Stay Night series. It’s about the Chaldea organization, whose mission is to protect humanity’s future through the ages. You can play one of the 48 Heroes of Fate Grand Order Project brought back into time to eliminate all factors that prevent time’s progress.
Unfortunately, Lev Reinol Flauros attacked the enterprise, causing those who had joined the meeting to fall into hibernation. You and another classmate have traveled to Fuyuki City, where the Holy Grail War happens. Holy Grail War is an active competition against many combatants.
March, a graduate of the Shielder class, is considered to be the servant of the group. You’ll need the support of Dr. Roman and Olga Mary for the aim of safeguarding society’s future through the future of the Fate Grand Order. It’s what destroyed humanity’s world. You are the protagonist’s servant through the end of the Fate Grand Order.
You can enjoy the Fate video game series, as it permits you to teach your family members and pals about religion, history, and culture. Feel free to borrow five-star noble companions. You were engaging in command spells if you didn’t understand the story and maps. It’s up to you to master the game, so if you complain that the difficulty level is higher, you might need prayer magic.

Overall assessments

This strategic game features Solo, 2 Star, and 3 Star Servants. It’s simple to find videos of how players complete all challenging quests with these sorts of servants. Even if a Servant is not a 5-Star, it functions better and far better than a 5-Star Servant. In this story, it starts getting better when Camelot becomes more legendary.
The initial minutes of the game may seem like a waste of time. While it’s challenging to complete, it’s well worth it if you give yourself more time and continue playing after you start. The servants Mash and Cu are just the initial servants that will assist you. They will suffice to help you get started, but you will need to finish the game with their help.
One of the most fulfilling parts of the Fate Grand Order is the energy up of servants. This permits you to experiment with various combinations at their gatherings freely, wherein the powering up increases your options and errands. To the fullest, there is no real ending to the game, as it takes months before the players can max out their servants.
Feel free to play, but you must prepare your wallet if you wish to play this for a while. If you do not want to spend it, it is easy to get stuck for a long time and finally terminate the game of boredom. The game’s gameplay is sorely wanting in favor of the auto-playing system, and you need to put in the time you play.
Unlike most online games that even a young child can pick up on, this game is complex and too complex for some to master.

Fate Grand Order MOD APK


Fate Grand Order boasts an incredible 2D anime-specific art style that stuns its players. Suppose you’re looking for a video game that’s not just fun but boasts jaw-dropping graphics and awe-inspiring scenes that delight your eyes. Fate Grand Order is undoubtedly the game for you!
The servants and masters use fascinating motion graphics, making it appear like an original video game. Additionally, you can expect beautifully-carved artwork when you are knee-deep in the story. Each character is modeled and perfectly crafted.

How to Install Fate Grand Order MOD APK on Android?

Fate Grand Order MOD APK is one of the most popular gameplay. To install this game, everyone is curious to know the steps. To install the ball pool game, uninstall the previous version if it is already installed on your Android phone. MOD APK apps are third-party apps, so you need to go to settings and change security to enable sources.

It’s a myth that MOD APK files are not easy to install and cause different issues. But, here we will share some easy steps to install Fate Grand Order MOD APK.

  1. Click on the download button available below.
  2. Wait until the download completes.
  3. It will automatically start installing on your phone.
  4. Once it is properly installed, you can enjoy the game with all its advanced features.

 NOTE: The app is protected from any malware.

Fate Grand Order MOD APK

How to Install Fate Grand Order MOD APK on MAC?

Installing Fate Grand Order MOD APK on Mac is as simple as on a PC. To install the game, you need to download the Bluestacks or Nox player, making it easy to download any MOD APK game on MAC/PC.

Follow simple steps to install the Fate Grand Order MOD APK on Mac.

  1. Download the Bluestacks of Nox player, making it easy to get all mobile apps to run on Mac.
  2. Download the Fate Grand Order MOD APK file for Mac given below.
  3. Go to file location on your Mac. Right-click and choose from the Bluestack or Nox player.
  4. Agree on the terms and conditions for installing Fate Grand Order MOD APK on Mac. It may take some time on Mac as compared to PC.
  5. The installation will start, and you will also get a notification when done.
  6. Once installation is completed, enjoy the Fate Grand Order MOD APK game on your Mac.
Fate Grand Order MOD APK

How to Install Fate Grand Order MOD APK on PC?

Fate Grand Order MOD APK game is addictive games and many people are finding ways to download these games on PC. It is straightforward to install Fate Grand Order MOD APK on a PC. To download the game, you need either a NOX player or Bluestacks.

You can easily download the Keyword on your PC by following four easy steps.

  1. To download the Fate Grand Order MOD APK game on a PC, you first need to download the Bluestacks player to your PC. Bluestack is an Android emulator used to run Android applications on a PC.
  2. After installing Bluestack, you can download Fate Grand Order MOD APK for PC from our website, i.e., given below.
  3. After downloading, you need to execute the file, or you can also import it from windows for installation purposes.
  4. After the installation, click on the launch button to enjoy your favorite gameplay, “Fate Grand Order MOD APK” on your PC.

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Final words

If the Fate Stay Night franchise enamors you, then Fate Grand Order is particularly a fantastic video game. It brings an epic story, great artwork, and delightful gameplay. For those looking for an exceptional video game regarding sending servants to knock down your enemies and rank higher, Fate Grand Order is proper for you!