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Kingdom New Lands is a video game created by Thomas van den Berg and Marco Bancale in 2016. During the Independent Games Festival that same year, it was nominated for the Excellence in Design award. The following year, the duo released Kingdom New Lands 2. New Lands has many new features and changes that you’ll receive. The land is included in the latest versions with great graphics, excellent locations, and a challenging system. Created entities unique to the Kingdom New Lands community have been made based on the wishes of its neighborhood.

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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Players will become a queen or a king (with mannerisms, background, and crest randomly generated) who is just arrived on a newly placed island. At the beginning of the game, a button prompt will introduce you to the primary display and perform basic actions.

There are no in-depth tutorials; only a brief sequence shows you how to execute actions in the game properly. Your focus must continually be on establishing a new kingdom, surviving the night long enough to build it, and securing a sturdy, permanent army to preserve it. Nevertheless, it can be harmful and ruin everything you’ve created if you make a slight misstep. Pay close attention to each decision that you make to avoid unexpected results.

Kingdom New Lands APK Features

Uncomplicated and addictive gameplay

If you enjoy Kingdom New Lands, you will not feel alienated by the sequel. Five islands are available for a sovereign to demolish; each island is abandoned and wild, waiting for you to create your own. You might not win on your very first island, but if you get through one and survive, then there is a chance you might lose your kingdom on your very first night on the next one.

Each island is split into two distinct areas, your land and the woods. The King/Queen will stroll through the land and the forest, looking for peasants and artisans, offering each of them a coin in exchange for their services.

The royal personnel will determine what jobs every worker will do based on how much gold they’ve divided between them. Picasso thought of many artistic styles. But to earn a masterpiece, they must master a specific art form. Rapidly conceiving buildings often feels like an overzealous trial and error when deadlines loom, personnel performs their jobs, and construction takes place.

Kingdom New Lands APK

Every resident is essential.

It is necessary to build something to construct a kingdom. Potential workers are sowed at the center of the camp, the two sides where smaller headquarters are located. It would help if you used a coin to get them to walk back to your base and spend that time acquiring a worker, an archer, a farmer, and finally, a knight. Workers will do everything you direct them to do, and then they have even the chance to use the catapults to shoot the Greed.

Archers aim to spot nearby wildlife and bring home some of the rarities for their coin chest at night. Archers will move to the tower with an empty floor to engage monsters. The primary function of the land’s owners is to plant and harvest it to create a secondary source of income. Archers are like knights, as their job is to provide a shield for the populace, protect their homeland, and destroy those portals. Remember to consider every task carefully since folks are in short supply.

Yet, nothing can go well. If one of your residents is bitten by Greed, they will revert to the original shape of a wanderer. It costs you a coin to bring them back afterward. Selecting and managing your residents can be tiring and painful because they will put themselves in danger for no reason or run toward an enemy that has not attacked.

Kingdom New Lands APK

Survive the night and grow your empire

At first, players will need to develop stables and build castles to amass resources. Once they decide how to acquire gold, the game’s most important currency, they can build towers to fortify the kingdom using resources. By cutting down the trees, you can use the forest to find workers or grow your country’s safety and land area.

In this way, you can eliminate all the cities where workers are recruited. Without a firm stronghold, the monsters in your realm will seek to destroy and steal anything you have built. They will attempt to steal all your funds and ruin the crown you gave yourself. Without the peak, there will no longer be a rightful king or queen, and your kingdom will no longer be able to stand.

The difficulty of each game increases over time. The game can win in either one of two ways: Either you successfully sail to another island, or you’re robbed of your crown, hindering your progress in the game. The aim of the game is challenging to understand. Still, the gameplay is difficult to manage.No, the tutorial is displayed, and no instruction states that destroying trees will harm camp owners, all of which can be damaged by your income decrease.

Being a parent does not change the fact that you have full access.No the video instructor displayed, and no instruction highlights the fact that murdering trees will strip your camp desire, the merchant, and yourself after you have lost the money earned from it.

Being in charge does not mean that you have unlimited access to everything. You may not always be able to do the work yourself, and your fate is in the hands of those you are trying to direct, while theirs depend on your strategic decisions. All you do the whole time is ride on horseback and collect coins.

Kingdom New Lands APK



Presented with beautiful special effects such as reflections in the water, moonlight through trees, and campfire flickers, Kingdom New Lands offers a variety of fantastical covers in which weather can vary rain, storms, and whirling storms widely.

The temperature and its seasonal cycle can affect the employees’ work behavior; for instance, fewer animals will be in winter. The mechanism is simple; players can swipe left and right to go left and right, tap to spend, and so on. The framerate can be enhanced as it tends to stutter quite often.


The music is a blend of grand piano and synth, gently playing in the background. Sounds of the environment, such as tools clattering, church bells ringing, etc., will give players comfort and enhance the gameplay.

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Reading instructions or watching videos online is not a viable way to learn about Kingdom New Lands Mod APK; the only way to do it is to play it yourself. There are features to know and rules to figure out. After you acquire the skill sets necessary to survive the nights and keep your funds, you can construct your vessel and reach the next land. Overall, Kingdom of New Lands is worth your time and will provide you with an exceptional experience.