One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK v12.2.0 (God Mode, High Damage) Free on Android

As Luffy, let’s undertake adventures with One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK, the new Japanese role-playing game. The cult anime One Piece has never allowed fans to be less crazy with the challenging journey on the sea with particular companions. Let us play the game to experience these adventures with One Piece Treasure Cruise. The Japanese Version of One Piece Treasure Cruise was launched in May 2014 and became available on both Android and iOS systems by the end of 2014. By 2014, the game had over 10 million downloads in Japan. The beginning of localization in the West was in February 2015. One Piece fans can be found everywhere on the planet so the game can reach a broad audience.

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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The first thing you will hear if you enter the world of pirate emulation is the excellent hum of the game and its apt co-creator. Luffy s voice is played in incomprehensible Japanese if you are not his follower. However, One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK proves it is an outstanding option to spend quality hours with friends and family.

One-Piece Treasure Cruise is a mobile video game based on the One-Piece series famous for its turn-based role-playing beat RPG, where an orb system plays a role because it offers excitement and familiarity. The most exceptional feature of One-Piece Treasure Cruise is the sport’s turn-based combat system with an orb sphere.

Gamers must customize their personality to the most suitable variable. Games about the One Piece series always concern developers, publishers, and players. And perhaps with One Piece Treasure Cruise, a world-class reentrance will be available for purchase for fans of this series. It is good news for One Piece fans when the game producer Bandai Namco recently released One Piece Treasure Cruise.

It has become a well-established ten-million-copies video game. True to what we want forever, this game corresponds to the plot according to the manga and anime One Piece. This means that Luffy will accompany you and select familiar faces as a crew to fight with powerful bosses such as the Royal Seven Emperor, the Yonko, or the Navy. In terms of gameplay, it is a series similar to a video game.

One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK is like Heroes Charge, a game that has been a huge hit recently. You will also have to use the unique skills of each character on your team to win. With colorful and flashy graphics combined with a sharp 3D platform, One Piece Treasure Cruise will immerse players into the world of pirates in the most impressive way.

One Piece Treasure Cruise, a new mobile role-playing game based on the famous manga series in Japan, is available for iOS and Android. This game features a storyline and an active combat system that is immersive and will provide an enjoyable play on several RPG s unique strategies. Players also take on the role of Monkey D.

Luffy recruits many members to the team, unleashes many unique things such as new ships or characters, and collects many members. Players will only have a certain number of rare team members at each stage. However, the player can increase the number of these members by increasing the amount of the total cost. The Total Cost statistics will increase as the player levels up the character. It is also a way to increase maximum stamina.

The player may use battle chains to attack the enemy. Click on the target, then click, and then view the attack. However, it could be detrimental because the player might lose health points, so be cautious. At the end of a combo, Doom attacks will appear, and multiple assaults will occur. Carefully follow the order next to each result.

But wait for paralysis slots to appear before using them. We will also make use of these slots during the assault line. These attacks will use unique swipes with one hand to swipe the character upward. Keep these attacks down to kill bosses that are perilous. The trick is uncomplicated: If the adversary only has limited liability, take up to things he has more than you. As your teammates develop new abilities, new kinds of adversaries will become accessible.

More high-level characters of the same sort and similarity must share the same upgrades. Players will need to use too many of these cards in combination.

One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK

How to Play One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK

Opening each chapter of the Japanese game is the story, with familiar fictional characters. Also, it would be best if you devoted plenty of time and patience to be able to translate each page according to the original image until the end. You don’t need to explain the pictures if you are engrossed in the story.

From each pirate s punch, you will take your powerful energy. The game designers also put much effort into the other attacks and movements. With vivid audio and sharp pixel graphics, the game draws players into a world that makes them want to battle passionately. Play the role of the Earl of Luffy and team members to enter the virtual world in which your fighting skills will be required.

It may seem simple to you, but it’s not that easy. When you have involvement in this battle, it divides the screen of One Piece Treasure Cruise into two parts. The first part is about the heroes, which have especially tough progress in the fight, showing up in a charming setting. A second area is a place for you to control this match. It is composed of thumbnails to show you each character’s turn. Tap and Create Combo is the technique to pay attention to this event.

Choose the right moment and be lightning fast at choosing the angelic order of flaws to form practical skills. Each character has a couple of fortes and different modes of attack, which is also an enticing aspect of this game. The game gives you four study options to select from fighting, cutting, slaughter, and shooting. You can create a character system with a potent mix of skills.

However, your task is plugging in the right spots in the automobile duel. Many people will believe One Piece Treasure Cruise is a simple game for children. Apologies if you made a mistake. The game will have you tired. To get a combo, you will most likely have to practice it for the first time. One Piece Treasure Cruise does not permit creating combos.

One Piece Treasure Cruise also enables users to connect to other players and have them observe the leading battles with one another. In the game, it is worth noting that the player must expend intelligence to be able to consider the competition or persevere against bosses with powerful opponents. This is a free mobile game so you can download the app’s PLAZA APK here. The game seamlessly connects. You will not have to do anything else.

One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK

One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK Feature

Real Meaning of One Piece

One Piece fans are generally most interested in learning about the long-awaited treasure Gol D. Roger, the main villain, discovered. And until now, we have only said that this treasure will prove to be the legacy of a legendary hero named Joy Boy. It contains all sorts of secrets relating to the world and what is The Void Century.

Roger’s words inspired these pirates to be able to provide an unexpected end to the journey. For decades after 800 years, nobody had ever been to this island, so Roger told his companions, Let’s name this island the Laugh Tale. Thanks to that, Gol D. Roger became the Pirate King and called this treasure One Piece after his journey.

But everybody is fascinated by One Piece’s great treasure. There must be a reason everyone names this great treasure, such as Roger named the island Laugh Tale. As we know recently, there have been a few indications that Roger’s last adventure did not get Joy Island’s real treasure because he arrived too early.

And, as foretold, there will be TWI new monarchs appearing. And they are the successor to the Treasure Boy legacy. So people just called this treasure One Piece because, for them, the glory that Roger discovered is only part of the endless stories of the pirate world. And there will be many more One Piece, and each piece will contain part of a giant map.

Adventure Content List

Adventure content can be held continuously or for a limited amount of time. And the degree of challenge is indicated by the star rating. Gamers must go through the story linearly.

One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK

Character adventure

It is primarily a pastime for experts. It is also a play taken by Chopper’s request. It is intended to develop the main character that challenges the next influential adventure.

Decisive battle

Take on decisive affairs, including some extreme events. Train distinguished people on 5 to 8, and the range of action and capture will broaden.


Folks are a prominent element of type formation events. Chaos Difficulty is brutal. Consequently, beginners should consider the underground first.

Treasure map

The game always wraps up once the treasure map is explored each month. You have the option of round content around the map. You can collect EXP by going around. And you can earn unique breakthrough material with achievement and ranking rewards.

One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK

Bond battle

You are limited to Kizuna Battle and Stone Plate characters, which substantially raise your potential level. Also, Proof of Friendship can significantly improve your support level.

Special training forest

Maintaining the challenge of this adventure requires holding it permanently. In 20 battles, the clear winner is a ship. Therefore, challenge it after completing the above incident.

Challenge from Garp

It’s not a sport where rewards reset once per month. So you can not only obtain rainbow jewels but also find multipurpose volatile books as a sign of trust.

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Your game is a platform based on the One Piece cartoon series. This is often noted for its characteristic turn-based gameplay, which incorporates the realm system. One Piece Treasure Cruise has built a reputation for its creative turn-based fighting cycle, which often uses the jump role.

Gamers must convert the character to the correct attribute. Gamers also need to form groups for the entire group of characters to match the maximum damage possible. We should acknowledge that One Piece Treasure Cruise does not allow the creation of varied skills with positive attributes but only permits relevant characters to make attacks on it. One Piece Treasure Cruise is an enigmatic pastime.