Pixel Studio MOD APK v4.26 (Pro Unlocked) Free On Andriod

For those interested in making pixel art for whatever reasons, Pixel Studio will have you covered with its many useful and convenient features. With this new pixel art editor, artists and game developers will have the perfect mobile tool for creating your pixel art, regardless of your levels and purposes.

You are welcome to use the mobile app while on the go as you start to develop fascinating pixel art and breathtaking animations without needing any additional hardware. Examine many practical and user-friendly improvements that would significantly increase the accessibility of Pixel Studio for all Android users. And anticipate becoming a part of the incredible Pixel Network community, where you may engage with millions of other fans.

With the help of our in-depth evaluations, learn more about this fantastic mobile application from Hippo and all of its great features.

Additional Information

App Name Pixel Studio MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 35 MB
Latest Version 4.26
Root Required No
Installs 1,000,000+ downloads
Required 5.1 and up
MOD Free
Genre Art & Design
Developer Hippo
Update 1 day ago
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What does it do?

Thanks to Pixel Studio, Android users will now have access to the straightforward, user-friendly, and handy pixel art creation app on their phones. You may now enjoy creating, modifying, and having fun with your imaginative pixel art while on the road. The fantastic and simple mobile software is made for users of all skill levels and has many features to accommodate your various needs.

Here, the user-friendly and straightforward app will ensure that you can all take full advantage of its features. People can also continue working on PCs and Android smartphones thanks to the cross-platform application. You can freely produce pixel art with no problems if you use layers. Additionally, users can engage with animating features to create original animation works. Don’t forget the other valuable features that would make Pixel Studio a user-friendly mobile app for everyone.

The app will also ensure your complete engagement during the creative processes by showcasing the enormous online community with millions of active content creators, artists, game designers, programmers, and other enthusiasts. You can find friends, present your works, follow your favorite creators, and more here.


You can now download the accessible version of Pixel Studio from the Google Play Store if you’re interested in this fantastic mobile app from Hippo. This version of Pixel Studio should be accessible to all Android users without requiring an initial payment. You can use the free tools available here to make your pixel art. However, there will be premium payments that you must make if you want to remove the obnoxious advertising and access more features.

Additionally, updating your mobile devices to the most recent firmware versions—preferably Android 4.4 and higher—will guarantee improved in-app stability and compatibility. Further, for the in-app features to function correctly, your Android devices must grant access rights.

Regarding the hardware specifications, it’s recommended to run the program on a respectable mobile device with a powerful CPU that scores at least 100,000 in AnTuTu. And if you’re working on big projects, you’ll need a good RAM capacity of 2GB or more.

Pixel Studio MOD APK

Awesome features

The app has the following amazing features, which are all listed below:

Simple and intuitive pixel art editor

Due to the user-friendly UI, Android users in Pixel Studio will initially appreciate this straightforward and uncomplicated mobile application. Here, familiarizing yourself with the in-app features and beginning to use them won’t take much time. You may freely browse between the in-app features and menus thanks to the straightforward touch controls and gestures. Feel free to do quick activities and configure your fast accesses for improved app usage. Thanks to the included mini-map and Pixel Perfect preview feature, you can interact with your current efforts.

Enjoy cross-platform usages for continuous editing

If interested, you can now use Google Drive to sync your works and enjoy cross-platform editing in Pixel Studio. Here, people can take pleasure in modifying their artistic works while on the road using their mobile devices and later finish the works on their PCs. Thanks to the auto-save feature, all of your live editing will be preserved for your upcoming editing sessions. Additionally, if necessary, you can restore your prior saves.

Useful layers for creating advanced pixel arts

Additionally, users of Pixel Studio will find it simple to create their pixel art because the software supports the usage of layers. To apply specific graphical components and editing to your existing artworks without disrupting the preceding layers, you may now add new ones to them. Enable or disable particular layers to export the pixel graphics you want.

Pixel Studio MOD APK

Featuring built-in and customizable palettes

Android users will be able to explore a variety of great built-in color possibilities with Pixel Studio, allowing them to freely work on fine-tuning their pixel arts. The app’s abundance of built-in color palettes in this area lets you quickly and easily choose the best settings for your artistic endeavors. Additionally, users can get new palettes from Lospec or, if necessary, make their own unique packs.

Additionally, the sophisticated color picker with RGBA and HSV modes will make sure that you can choose the appropriate colors for your artistic endeavors with ease. Even specific color schemes from photographs can be taken by users and applied to new pixel paintings.

Mobile users in Pixel Studio are able to easily alter their gradient tool, which makes it simple to test out various setups and ensure that you’re receiving the right coloring on your creative works.

Work in both portrait and landscape modes

Android users may easily take advantage of Pixel Studio’s features on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs because it functions in both portrait and landscape modes. The straightforward design in both methods will ensure that you can all take full advantage of the available capabilities.

Customizable toolbar with different settings

Creators of pixel art now have complete freedom to arrange their workspaces in the Pixel Studio app, thanks to the toolbar’s complete customization. Feel free to select your preferred options and display the appropriate tools for your specific works. Utilize your various setups to their fullest to enjoy your artistic creations for various pixel art forms.

Pixel Studio MOD APK

Feel free to draw on your pixel arts

Drawing enthusiasts will find Pixel Studio to be a fantastic smartphone app to enjoy, as it has numerous features that make the task simple and convenient. Users can create their own drawing setups or choose from a sizable selection of built-in brushes. Additionally, dealing with brushes on your pixel art will be much simpler with the Tile Mode. Additionally, the Dot Pen’s built-in cursor makes accurate drawing possible.

Users can utilize the helpful Shape Tool to quickly and easily draw simple forms. Or you can work at your own pace in Pixel Studio to draw symmetry. The Dithering Pen makes it incredibly simple to operate with flares and shadows.

Of course, the app will support the usage of your Apple Pencil or Samsung S-Pen, giving users access to more precise drawing experiences on touch screens.

Add text to your artworks

Users can use the Text Tool in addition to the brushes to add particular visual components to their pixel art. Thanks to the app, you can operate with various typefaces in this area. You can select your inputs, align and place the texts in anyway you like, and then change the text’s colors and styles.

Many formatting features to work with

If you’re interested, Pixel Studio will provide you with a variety of helpful formatting options for your various creative endeavors. Users can choose their own canvas sizes or enable an endless canvas here for drawing their pixel arts. If necessary, feel free to rotate or resize your canvas. Select a customisable background color and grid to make creating and modifying your pixel art much simpler.

The app also enables Android users to freely edit and export their pixel art using a variety of well-liked file formats. Users can import JASC Palette files, load and edit PSP (Pixel Studio Project) and ASE (Aseprite) files, and export their pixel artwork to PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and numerous more file types.

Pixel Studio MOD APK

Have fun creating your own pixel animations

Additionally, Pixel Studio allows you to create pixel art animations for those interested in animation arts. The frame-by-frame spirits, in this case, let mobile users freely work on finishing the details of their artistic creations. Additionally, you can efficiently work on your complex pieces of animation thanks to the Onion Skin animation features. Save your animated pixel art as GIFs or sprite sheets at your discretion. Additionally, mobile users can extend their inventive animations by including audio files and exporting the videos as MP4 files.

Join the amazing online community

Android users will appreciate Pixel Studio even more now that they can connect with other like-minded enthusiasts thanks to the online community that is also included in the app. You can share your own works with others or see many fantastic examples of other artists’ pixel art below. Please feel free to rate each other’s work, and remember to always take the finest advice. Motivate yourself with fresh pixel art every day and keep working on your own creations to wow the neighborhood.

Improve performances with many optimizations

Pixel Studio also provides numerous in-app optimizations to ensure that Android users may utilize the app without any issues. In this case, the Fast RotSprite algorithms are used to support the rotation of the pixel graphics. Thus there will be no lags. Additionally, the multithreaded image processing will assist the system run more quickly while exporting and editing images.

Enjoy more features with the pro version

You can now purchase the pro edition of Pixel Studio’s excellent mobile app, which has even more capabilities if you’re interested in using it. To make the app even more enjoyable, start by removing the intrusive advertisements. Android users will be able to enjoy their in-app experiences more thanks to the Dark Theme, especially in low light. Users of Pixel Studio will have more options for coloring their artwork with the 256-color palettes. You can work on as many pixel arts as you want with the enlarged project size, free color modification, export options, and many other features.

Get the pro app for free

Android users may purchase the unlocked version of Pixel Studio from our website if they don’t want to pay for the pro version. Here, users can utilize the app’s pro edition, which has infinite features and no adverts. You need to download the Pixel Studio Mod APK, follow the instructions, and utilize the application to its full potential.

Pixel Studio MOD APK


Final verdicts

Prepare to immerse yourself in this excellent smartphone application from Pixel Studio, which will significantly increase everyone’s access to pixel artwork. You are now free to alter and export your pixel artwork in various ways. Additionally, don’t forget to frequently search the online library for fantastic pixel artwork and other sources of inspiration from the online community that you undoubtedly don’t want to miss.