SketchAR MOD APK v6.33.2-play [Premium Unlocked] Free On Android

If you enjoy sketching and using technology, “SketchAR Create Art Draw Paint Colors” is a fantastic choice.

Users of SketchAR can express their creativity through drawing by using an interactive AR technique. Additionally, the app offers photo editing and gamification features. The software provides a beautiful fusion of AR and AI, increasing the effectiveness of learning to draw and enjoying the paintings.

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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Additional Information

App Name SketchAR MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 162 MB
Latest Version 6.33.2-play
Root Required 7.0 and up
Installs 1,000,000+ downloads
Required 4.4 and up
MOD Free
Genre Art & Design
Developer Sketchar Inc
Update 1 day ago
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Great app for art & design

SketchAR is a fascinating option for art & design and a fantastic solution for those who enjoy drawing. Anyone can use the software to sketch a complete picture. The application is unquestionably beneficial for professional painters as well. On any preferred surface, SketchAR produces sketches with a professional appearance. Your favorite images can be easily and quickly created.

A fantastic drawing tool is SketchAR. The program effectively utilizes augmented reality technologies. As a result, you approach the appropriate object with your phone camera and use the app’s directions to create the desired composition. Everything is so lovely and easy. Millions of people have downloaded the free software from the Play Store.

Great AR feature for excellent sketches

SketchAR is very distinct from similar software and offers special features. The AR element of the software is highlighted so that users can produce stunning images. Your smartphone’s camera is how you engage with the outside world. The AR doodle is visible on the paper’s surface and appears on the phone’s display. On the paper, you trace “virtual lines” with a pencil. Professional painters use the AR function to extend sketches onto objects like walls.

The AI in SketchAR is clever, and the software is fantastic. However, it would help if you established the ideal circumstances for the application. You first need a well-lit space because any AR technology needs a good lighting setting. Next, you must refrain from utilizing erratic circles. The application cannot identify the drawing if it is excessively disproportionate.

The sketch should ideally be made on paper or a clipboard. When drawing, you shouldn’t move your phone and leave it where it is.


Create paintings like a professional artist

Your art talents can be improved using SketchAR. The software combines augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create cartoons and other incredible graphics. Through technologies like ARKit and ARCore AR, the software generates virtual images displayed on walls or floors. Users, in a few easy steps, can make drawings. Your drawing process will therefore get much more enjoyable.

SketchAR dazzles with clever AI. As a result, the application may quickly transform your images into illustrations. The software enables you to produce high-caliber artwork on par with established artists. You can explore the app’s minigames if you start to feel bored. Minigames foster user creativity, and you can learn practical skills by playing minigames from the app.

Discover amazing drawing courses and unique sketches

Great drawing classes are featured on SketchAR. You pick your favorite subject and lesson from the available options. You can start with a “beginning” course or select advanced techniques on a subject. You may produce anime or portraits. Animals, cartoons, anime, graffiti, and many other fascinating things may all be learned to draw.

Many excellent sketches are displayed on SketchAR. Free Built-In Library is made available by the app. Numerous sketches can be found by searching for terms like “animals,” “architecture,” “facial parts,” “human figures,” “portraits,” “vehicles,” and many others. You can select sketches made by renowned or accomplished artists. Professional sketches are not for beginners, and you lack the instruction to finish them.


Supports many great tools and has a large community

SketchAR offers customers step-by-step drawing tutorials and supports many useful tools. You can practice using a drawing tool if you don’t have a sheet of paper to test out the app’s augmented reality capability. The program introduces well-known tools like pencils, markers, and brushes.

SketchAR highlights the enormous art community. Users of the app can share incredible paintings. Your buddies can learn about your accomplishments. The creative process can be captured in a quick-forward movie, and all recordings are instantly saved in your app profile. Viral videos can help you break into the spotlight. You may quickly and effortlessly distribute videos to everyone with just one easy action. When you share your artwork with the SketchAR community, you may also start a competition.

New technology in art

A new technique for art is called SketchAR. The software is always a fantastic option if you are a creative person or a professional artist. You can advance more quickly and succeed in the painting industry with the aid of the app.

Due to the application’s AR technology, many users will receive the appropriate guidance when sketching. Users can overcome typical challenges with the aid of the application. The software teaches novices the fundamentals of drawing.

The app SketchAR is not flawless. Therefore, users must use a smartphone with TANGO technology if they wish to draw on large surfaces like tall walls or enormous canvases. Use large-screen smartphones and tablets as well. You should also utilize the application with A4 and A5 paper sizes for optimal results.

Additionally, “Autodesk SketchBook” can be used to make incredible drawings. Users can use the tool to sketch out ideas and finalize artwork quickly.


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SketchAR is, in essence, a fantastic option for everyone. Both aspiring and established artists can use the application. The SKETCHAR business produced a great product with the software. An app is a fantastic tool for artists and those who enjoy drawing. The program does allow you to create original artwork.

To make the most imaginative drawings on your phone and spread the delight to everyone worldwide, download “SketchAR” today!