Tactile Wars MOD APK (Medal/Unlock)

Ankama recently unveiled a trailer to promote his upcoming game of Tactile Wars. It could be comprised of elements of Advance Wars and Paint-by-Numbers or Risk with The Magic Marker. War is always something unhappy. However, sometimes some battles turn out to be pretty enjoyable. Right now, developer Ankama has released a trailer teasing his upcoming game of Tactile Wars.

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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The value of the trailer has yet to manifest any content yet. But it offers enough substance to make the game community stay and wait for the game itself. In Tactile Wars, war-themed themes are highlighted in bright colors and cute shapes, covering the cartoon character with bright colors and Chibi shapes.

In Tactile Wars, you’ll be playing as the army’s commander to the bright side. Your task is to control the squad and devise its plan of action to become blue and take over the opposition’s base. The development team behind the success of the game series DOFUS is the French Ankama.In Tactile Wars, you may enjoy the full flavor of the company’s previous products.

General Information

Most people enjoy Tactile Wars because it resembles an attractive strategy game and has a cute character class. In addition to its simple graphics, we might not provide much insight into the terrain map. The game has adorable character classes and enjoyable gameplay, satisfying even the most demanding players.

Your task is to individually arrange your army of LEDs and other resources to take down the opponent’s main army. You must agree on soldiers to ensure they are suitable for defeating the enemy unit. The military may assemble several formations in Tactile Wars, such as horizontal, vertical, and circular. Depending on the situation on the battlefield and how the enemy fought, you can assemble an exceptional team.

Tactile Wars MOD APK

How to Play Tactile Wars?

Like actual warfare, when the enemy points are significant, take down the army’s base. As soon as he beats him in combat, winning the remaining battles is very effortless. An exciting feature of this strategy game is that once the enemy base is defeated, your forces are crowded, and they can support you in support of your army.

You feel like having the enemy on your side. Beginning at the beginning of each game screen, the player will enter any color in the hexagon with six color boxes corresponding to the opponent’s color. Each level will present the difficulty or the story of the enemy that the player brings. Hence, depending on the skill level and experience points, the player will click on the colors. The graphics of Tactile Wars aren’t remarkable, but the gameplay is thrilling. The way to play it is right in the link below.

Tactile Wars MOD APK

Overall Assessments

With a simple design that still emphasizes the rich strategy formulation, Tactile Wars helps fans of strategy making to satisfy their passions through 2D gameplay. The line-up is the most crucial aspect of strategy games and appeals to this board game genre. Tactile Wars allows players to manage and coordinate the confederates quickly throughout the match, creating a surprise from the unusual and difficult to construe the enemy.

But aside from combat, the game also requires the participant to select a color as the main thing, not much different from choosing a forge. Players of the same color cannot attack or touch each other, so they may feel lonely during the Tactile Wars paint gunfight when they cannot connect with other players. However, this loneliness only lasts for those with an extensive list of tasks to maintain the airfield and raise the conflict level of their fragile army.

Tactile Wars shows off a female personality. The game permits players to create teams of up to four team members. The surprise element is that soldiers can jump over walls, but players cannot. The game occurs in a scene where a bomb blocks the path. But most of all, what makes this unique is the limitation of units permitted to attack when starting the battle.

Additionally, the number of unique troops permitted to be proud of the conflict is nine. The game laid out the nine soldiers straight in squares, nothing but, and flowed into the foe’s exposure zone. Tactile Wars offers the chance to check out the identical playing field after every opponent fights for a greater chance of beating them.

Gamers can take a look at a spare medical facility through fascinating violent mechanisms. Because of the protection, lines tend to become stronger. Other players must create more structures and develop strategies to defeat the enemy fortress.

Tactile Wars MOD APK

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