Taichi Panda MOD APK v2.73 (God Mode, Unlimited Skills) Free on Android

Although Taichi Panda’s rhyming name resembles the Kung Fu Panda film, it does not involve that film. It’s a massively popular online video game for all ages. Taichi Panda MOD APK was first presented at the E3 event in 2014. With the three primary characters in the game, these characters will create the appropriate responses based on circumstances and utilize expertise.

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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A story game that’s all about martial arts, Taichi Panda, draws from the film Kung Fu Pandatnbsp, that many people love. Join Taichi Panda MOD APK, who will turn into characters from the film and begin the journey to defeat dates that want to take over the world.

The core focus of the game is dungeons and caves, where players can band together in teams in a battle. You can make your character an invincible warrior and an expert in fighting.

Taichi Panda MOD APK has full 3D graphics, color effects, and diverse capabilities. The game interface is also designed with button textures and shapes based on formulas of classic 4-button electronic games. The game is easy to play and has a fun and pleasant atmosphere.

Players are faced with the task of defending the world, which is borrowed from RPG mobile games. Taichi Panda MOD APK takes kung fu inspiration in the same vein as Kung Fu Panda. The game was primarily set in areas with dungeons and caves where players could team up. You can create a formidable warrior with your character or an expert in martial arts.

It is easy to discover that the game imitates primarily Chinese martial arts. Players can choose from three available character lines: a knight named Lulandore, a fighter named Taichi Panda, and a swift and light treasure hunter named Lauren Catcher.

The heroes go on a warp quest to defeat the demon and his army of evil goblins and monsters. Taichi Panda MOD APK features action-packed gameplay that creates short, uncomplicated controls with an appealing storyline.

Players can—in addition to the characters exploring numerous locations and fighting enemies in battles—collect and upgrade pets. The game has several exciting multiplayer features, including a rugged area, three-on-three wars, and real-time prison squads.
Taichi Panda MOD APK includes 3D graphics with soft effects and many options. Additionally, they design the game interface impeccably. We texture the keys and buttons on the screen to emulate the look and feel of classic four-button electronic games, bringing forth a feeling of coziness, play, and safety.

The online action game Taichi Panda MOD APK was named Snail Games. The fabulous graphics and charming gameplay make it a great test subject and goal. However, the plot remains dark in a spooky setting. However, the appearance of the master panda and the fox magician increases the tension in the narrative. Users will find it easy to find the appropriate game character class based on their skills while playing the game. Unlike typical role-playing games, participants must progress through the game’s initial levels before they can get started.

In the first five levels, players will have the freedom to enter subplots, use unique weapons, and advance their battle-related capacity. The game map is also set up to enable players to discover monster regions quickly in no time and continue to move at a quick pace.

Players will gradually explore the primary functions through each level. Even the basics have a similar experience. Players will spend time experiencing features, such as ratings, credibility, PvP battles, and areas. The game isn’t only excellent at the sound and visual design, but it s also overflowing with fun gameplay features.

Gamers can combine chains of combos to produce more damage for monsters. In addition to long combos, the more damage is also robust, such as slow, stun, and expel.

Taichi Panda MOD APK

Taichi Panda MOD APK Features

Character Controls

Taichi Panda MOD APK provides players with four-character lines to choose from when starting: the first character is a skilled panda (Taichi Panda), followed by a cover of a water fox (Fox Mage) with two names. Each character can also bring pets to assist in battles.

The gameplay settings and capabilities in the game are also diverse when players upgrade the character’s skill level and increase The character’s status and skills of pets. Like many role-playing games, it also divides the joystick section in Taichi Panda MOD APK into two opposite halves the right is the navigation cluster, and the left side is the character skill keys.

Although the game is very well-invested in skill implementation, the adventure moves join in excellent strides and show the strength of each hit. Each level (or stage) is completed swiftly to prevent time-consuming steps. Before the end of the mission, you have to defeat the enormous challenge at that level.

Enemy’s Power

Each Boss will have its advantages and shortcomings, and characters should seek to exploit them to defeat them more efficiently. In particular, opponents outside the red line will have an additional yellow color. We can see it symbolizes their alertness and vitality.
If the player performing a good combo attacks the Boss, the bar will decrease to yellow, and when the bar goes to zero, the Boss will be stunned for a few seconds. This is the time for players to take advantage of the opportunity.


The game also features a diverse equipment system. We classify the items and weapons we take into the action: useful things are purple, weapon items are orange, and Champion items are unique objects.

Pets can be created by players with soul stones or may be found by opening treasure chests. Types of treasure chests include standard treasure chests or epic treasure chests.

The epic version of Mount and Blade uses Diamond currency as the initial MSRP for opening its various locations. It is received by completing quests or bought with real money. Multiplayer is also a strong point of the game when it enables gamers to utilize the suitable PvP options.

Dungeon games also allow creating and joining guilds with several other players. The higher the level, the more players can grant titles and participate in guild-related and guild-exclusive activities.

Taichi Panda MOD APK

Interface Designs

Taichi Panda MOD APK is designed with a 3D Florence environment and is well-invested in it. It has beautiful color schemes. There are several details from the ground to the characters that are all researched well.

The character’s movements, especially when using the abilities, are smooth and elegant, with no lag or stuttering. Although the game’s minus point lies in the interface’s layout whenever the character returns to open inventory, upgrade abilities, and quests.

The icon arrayed on the screen looks perplexing and accompanied by the text running across the screen, sometimes causing discomfort. Fortunately, the configuration is transformed to become much less complex for players to participate in the whole project before going to the fight.

Overall Assessments

Snail Games products aren’t the first time to challenge and conquer the global game market. After a series of popular video games, such as Age of Wushu and Black Gold, Snail Games continues to challenge the mobile segment with the Taichi Panda MOD APK.

Graphic Designs and Sound Effects

For Taichi Panda, the lifelike graphics make players feel most attractive. The character image and animation in Taichi Panda MOD APK are very realistic and smooth.
Something significant about action role-playing games is the idea that the player needs to see the monster’s prescribed path throughout a colorful forest. The game offers extreme graphics, but even a tiny device could only run 244MB.

Interesting Gameplay

Taichi Panda MOD APK enables its participants to partake in four activity classes, including Taichi Panda, Warrior, Fox Violent, and Treasure Hunter. Each type has its forts, taking on a nifty set of movements. After each stage, players can unlock additional features, such as Taichi, guild, market, and jade.

A fantastic attribute that sums up the popularity of Taichi Panda MOD APK is that it harmoniously combines Attack, Defense, and Destroying. The “boss” or “player” starts with a particular defense point. If that point of defense is breached, you will fall into a scenario of unconsciousness. You will be subject to a series of attacks.

This element creates progress on a game’s ability level and urges the player’s attribution abilities and tactical reasoning. It appears on single-player and multiplayer PvP regardless of whether the opponent has a more excellent British Counter Attack.

Taichi Panda MOD APK

Pet System

A unique characteristic of Taichi Panda MOD APK is the animal system, which players will unlock at level 5. This system is unusual and has a massive number of over 30 pets compared to most game genres.

For instance, it will attract buffalo blood Borik, the protagonist has a powerful damage skill, which implies he causes more damage and can track more quickly. This pet is a superb associate for a way to win the game.


Taichi Panda MOD APK is an RPG game played in franchise mode. Beat the game in a higher tier to unlock all the rewards the game contains.

Each version of each Boss has a distinctive battle mechanic, along with the aggressive skill being vital. Players must understand the Boss and select priorities to prevent damage or repair it quickly.

Guardians of the circle, the arena, and the dueling ground will be able to satisfy the competition. In contrast to a hall, sworders can only fight adversaries controlled by the system. If the duels and battlefields (3 vs. 3) get in progress, contests and battlefields (3 vs. 3) will PK with real-time gamers.

Managing and employing attack, defense, and destroy mechanics and various factors can determine victory. Video games can also pit gamers against the Boss, perform pickpocketing, collect gold, or survive for 30 seconds.
The private live chat feature’s voice feature is outstanding for building great three vs. three battles or intense battles between two states.

Taichi Panda MOD APK


Different activities from Taichi Panda MOD APK are mirrored in a minimal number ofewracters are categorized as quests such as upgrading equipment, acquiring power, and investing in health. There are no differences between the particular functions of each character.

The feature in Taichi Panda MOD APK highlights the previous month’s VIP feature of Age of Wushu, allowing players to become aware of the benefits of having a monthly VIP subscription, and purchasing the monthly VIP subscription grants players Wings that significantly increase their combat power and a lot of Diamonds (in-game currency) for a month.

The players’ reviews of the game s cash store mechanic indicate that even though it affects the gameplay, it is not too much of an issue. You still will have a significant likelihood of becoming a top contender even without paying real cash.

Final Words

Taichi Panda MOD APK is an attractive role-playing game released by Snail Games USA. Its primary character is a famous panda fighting for his kung fu. The first video game to draw inspiration from the Chinese martial arts genre is probably the first, with the leading character being a panda.

Most role-playing fans will think about Blizzard’s Diablo. In contrast, mobile gamers will probably think of Gameloft’s well-known Dungeon Hunter series.

Exciting gameplay, graphics, and functions in Taichi Panda MOD APK provide endless gaming time. Easy-addicting gameplay makes players constantly return to the game.

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