Textnow APK Mod (MOD, Premium)

The world has been brought together in a small circle by modern technology and the internet, making it possible to reach anyone, no matter how far they may be from you. Today, you can download various text messaging apps from Google Play and the internet to stay in touch with your loved ones. These apps, which offer extra features like video and audio calling, group chats, stickers, and more, are free and paid. Textnow APK Mod, a new app, is one of the latest messengers to be released.

Like GB Whatsapp, this messenger offers free access to international calling in countries like America and Canada. Through audio and video calls, users can connect with friends and colleagues who are located abroad to chat. Although this messenger app is free, it also offers paid features. The apk version of this messenger provides free access to all components. The Google Play Store has the free version. This messenger app has some fantastic features worth taking a look at. The characteristics of this messenger set it apart from other messengers in the world.


  • Users can make flawless audio and video calls using this messenger app, one of its best features. The audio and video are always crystal clear when making such calls with a strong internet connection.
  • Because it offers a large selection of stickers to use while chatting, this messenger app permits the use of stickers in the chat. These stickers liven up the conversation and make it more interesting.
  • Users can make free international calls to friends who live in the USA and Canada.
  • The background is editable, allowing users to add their wallpapers. Additionally, users can customize the vibrations, text sounds, and ringtones so that they can set them appropriately.
  • To make the chat even more fun, colorful emojis and emoticons are also inside.
  • Users can also install this application on their computers to prevent contact from being interrupted.
  • As this application enables users to share media and texts, users can share their photos.
  • Additionally, it enables users to add their signatures to each text as desired.
  • Users of this Textnow APK Mod can assign a specific text and voice call ringtone, just like with WhatsApp messenger. For various contacts on the list, it may vary.
  • Textnow’s home screen widget enables quick communication between users without opening the app.
  • Users can set the Textnow app as their default messaging app to receive and send all texts through this app, similar to how they can do with Facebook Messenger.


Is it complicated messenger app to use?

Absolutely not; anyone can easily operate it thanks to its simple user interface.

Can I change the background of the chats?

You certainly can, of course. You can set your wallpapers by selecting them from the gallery.

Can I call all my international friends for free?

Due to the fact that this app messenger offers free calls, you can speak for longer to your friends in the United States and Canada.

How to deal with the ads?

You would need to purchase this app to get rid of the intrusive ads.

Is this messenger app for free?

It is entirely free. All features are available without cost at all.

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