TextNow Apk (MOD, Premium)

Using TextNow in both the US and Canada is legal for free calling and messaging. You can contact local Canadian and American numbers using this app’s free coverage. The best feature of this app is that it lets you share files and videos.

Call locally

Nowadays, everything is so expensive that we look for little things that will give us a break. A fantastic app that lets you make free local calls within Canada and the US is TextNow. You won’t be charged anything for the free coverage app. You can have lengthy discussions without being concerned about money.

Unlimited picture sharing

Before, some people had to use email or Facebook, which took a long time to load images, to share pictures or videos. You can send unlimited photos using TextNow, and they will all load at once.

Unlimited calls

Due to the high cost of using a local sim, communication is challenging. This app allows you to place prolonged or consecutive calls for any reason. You can engage in lengthy discussions with your loved ones without being concerned about the cost.

Share video messages

Video messages allow us to connect with our loved ones more deeply than voice calls ever could. With TextNow, you can send video messages and multiple stories for the recipient to view whenever they want. The feature for calling and sending videos is free.

Cheap international call

When using your local sim, international calls can be costly. In the age of the “global village,” international communication is essential. Despite not providing free calls, TextNow significantly reduces the cost.


Can we make international calls for free through TextNow?

No, although they are reasonably priced, international calls are not entirely free.

Is TextNow safe to make calls?

Yes, the app is very safe and has proper encryption to help secure data.

How to download TextNow through Google play?

Open Google Play and type “TextNow” into the search field. The app will be visible in the search section. When the installation is finished, click the install button. The app is usable as soon as it is installed.

Is TextNow free of cost?

Yes, TextNow is cost-free, and downloading it won’t set you back a dime.

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