TextNow Premium Apk (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

How does it feel to be able to reach out to friends and family, no matter how far away they may be? It is undoubtedly a divine feeling you adore because it allows you to communicate with your loved ones, even though they are thousands of miles away. Smartphones and useful social media apps were made possible by technology and the internet.

You can communicate with your friends and family members through various applications, regardless of how far they live from you. The application we’ll discuss is TextNow Premium APK, which is of a similar type. You can connect with your friends and family using this app to text or call them at no cost.

People who live in the USA and Canada can use this application. Although it is currently unavailable elsewhere, the developers hope to make it available there. So what makes this application so unique? Users who have the TextNow APK can be called and messaged without cost.

If you don’t already have a phone number, this application also provides personalized cell numbers for the users, so you’re still good to go. This app is different, has many valuable features, and is an excellent choice for people who live in specific regions and are looking for an app to send and receive free calls and messages.

The APK version of this application and the Premium version must be discussed because there is much to be said about it. Both have unique characteristics and are slightly different from one another. Let’s read up on TextNow Premium APK in detail.

What is TextNow APK?

With TextNow APK installed on their smartphones, users can use the online messaging service to chat for free, make free calls, send free messages, and share media files. Currently, users in Canada and the USA can access this application. This application already has a cell phone number, so you do not need one.

It has a fantastic user interface with many customization options to improve the appearance of your display. You can distribute the media files to all TextNow APK users. Additionally, no fees are associated with using this application or obtaining the complimentary mobile number.

What is TextNow Premium APK?

The TextNow Premium APK is the altered version of the TextNow APK. This application differs from others because it has many paid features that have already been unlocked. None of those premium features require you to purchase a subscription. The international calls you make will be free because you are using the application’s premium version.


Is TextNow Premium APK really safe to use?

Yes, one of the safest applications is TextNow Premium APK, so you don’t need to worry about your data.

When do we expect to have TextNow Premium APK in other countries?

When TextNow Premium APK is made available to users in other countries worldwide is not specified in any way.


The features listed above demonstrate why TextNow Premium APK is worthwhile to try. Download this app and try it if you live in the USA or Canada. We are confident that you won’t regret using it and will have the best possible experience. Remember to share your opinions about this application in the comment section with other readers and us.

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