The Wild Darkness MOD APK v1.2.36 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Gems) Free on Android

Your exciting journey of survival awaits as you lose sight of your identity and avert the game. Discover a mysterious world and brand-new mysteries as you journey into your survival adventures. Have fun playing the classic gameplay of RPG with many of your preferred characters. Increase your capability of creating precious products as you take on impressive enemies in exhilarating fights. Roam through the intriguing pieces of The Wild Darkness as you solve exciting puzzles revolving around various ingenious items.

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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Fight with the dangerous creatures that are disappearing in the dark. And construct your shelters to protect yourself from dangers. Begin your trip and search for the secrets of The Wild Darkness MOD APK. Our detailed media reports will learn more about this exciting game from PoPeyed.

Within the deep woods, a wizard has a daily exercise in calling for the great hero to save the domains from the wicked one. And at the time when the stars made a sundial, an open doorway to the mystic realm had appeared. As the ritual concluded, a bright bolt of lightning struck the forest. Unbeknownst to the wizard, a hero had descended into this realm.
Being unacquainted with this world and summoned to it, you shall engage in wondrous adventures in the MMORPG to discover the secrets of the Wild Darkness. At the same time, the game will envelop you with its engaging gameplay, offering various choices.

For your first time, start by surviving the wild and darkness with just your bare hands. Afterward, discover the areas and learn ways you can benefit from all aspects of the surroundings. Search for resources and sustainable items, and find ways to use the surrounding environments to stay hidden from your enemies. Build up your defenses so you can stay protected from dangerous monsters. And unlock dozens of items from the in-game crafting system. The detailed gameplay of an RPG, along with a compelling story in The Wild Darkness, will enthrall you.

The Wild Darkness MOD APK Features

For those unfamiliar with the game, here are the exciting features that it offers.

Create your characters with different setups

At the outset, Android players in the video game The Wild Darkness can create their unique characters with customizable names and a default body type. As you progress in the game and unlock additional items, you may attempt to make your characters with different personalization and upgrades. Also, you may choose your other totems, which offer you special buffs and beneficial effects.

The Wild Darkness MOD APK

Powerful warrior classes with varied abilities and skills

Here in The Wild Darkness, you will have the option to play as any one of several warrior classes during the early stages of the game. However, for absolute beginners, you will only be able to play as the standard Adventurer with the help of the basic stats. As you progress in the game and complete specific achievements or challenges, you should be able, to begin with your selected warrior classes.

  • They use their strength to damage their adversaries by employing fierce hits. Yet, it would help if you watched out, as your Barbarian cannot withstand multiple attacks by your competitors due to his lack of defenses.
  • Summoned wizards from the Wild Darkness are known for the magnitude of their attacks, which can often eliminate enemies. Just be sure to revive your wizards when needed, as their durability in melee is not excellent.
  • Your Warriors are barbarians who fight like non-invited fighters. Since they’ve more natural-born melee fighting skills, they can endure longer in battles. However, because of their lack of mobility, they may be at a disadvantage when surrounded.
  • These powerful fighters are experts at long-range combat, primarily using ranged weapons to battle their opponents. Thanks to their swift movements, you should usually be safe and sound when you play with your fighters.
  • To quickly use your combating skills and efficiently eliminate the most critical targets, you must know the Assassins. They have mastered the art through their devastating assaults. Quick and stealthy movements allow for exciting combat in the Wild Darkness.
  • Being a blacksmith will also allow you to craft high-quality items.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to complete your ultimate in-game challenges to unlock the Divine Warriors. Choose your top heroes and become who you were meant to be, a hero that was summoned to save the lands.

A massive world with various places to discover

This text-based adventure game set in The Wild Darkness explores many fascinating worlds. Collect objects, slay monsters, build your home, and engage in conflict to protect your territory. Most importantly, you can discover the game storyline as you proceed on your RPG journey. Check out the secrets that are hidden and find plenty of puzzles with the help of the game’s settings and gameplay. The engaging and immersive environments will allow you to enjoy the game entirely.

Collect multiple items and resources to guarantee your vitality

The Wild Darkness has a large number of resources and items that you can gather while in the wild. You can find here either fight enemies and monsters or have fun with foraging experiences across the land. Gaining a life in this place will require you to collect a lot of stuff and valuable resources to maintain your energy.

The Wild Darkness MOD APK

Feel free to craft any items with available resources

Here in The Wild Darkness, Android gamers are permitted to design several different items and gears out of their resources and things. Feel free to create your weapons to combat the approaching enemies. Unlock the right tools to improve your gathering of resources. Set on particular gears to defend and assist you as you participate in your quest to survive.

Create your base for better crafting and survivability

To improve your survivability and craft experiences, Wild Darkness players can develop a base. Here, you can build your shelter to enhance your chances of avoiding enemy attacks. Unlock various constructions which are needed for improving your game development. Prosperous that you are, you can use the upgraded Wild Darkness program even more.

Engage in epic battles in and out of the dungeons

Beginning today, you can play The Wild Darkness in many epic battles with the foul creatures. You can go ahead and hunt for resources and fight along with the villains in the fields. Deal with one of many challenging dungeons and defeat the monsters. With all your might, strive to become the most outstanding player.

The Wild Darkness MOD APK

Plenty of achievements to complete

Here in The Wild Darkness, you can unlock many available achievements, which can be completed to give you exciting boosts and upgrades. Feel free to have fun with the standard gameplay while also spending time, in reality, to marvel at these intriguing game elements. Give your hero more endurance and improve your defensive capabilities.

Enjoy the offline gameplay whenever you want

And to make the game more fun, The Wild Darkness offers offline gameplay so you can play whenever you want. As a result, there is no requirement to connect to your Wi-Fi connection or waste your mobile data. Feel free to participate in the fun of The Wild Darkness whenever you want.

Free to play

Even though The Wild Darkness offers many intriguing features, the game’s primary draw is its RPG gameplay. Here, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store, and feel free to have a lot of fun with your many friends while you play.

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The Wild Darkness MOD APK


Gamers in The Wild Darkness will find that simple but highly engaging settings enhance the vivid graphical elements of the game. Immerse yourself in exciting battles as you unleash intuitive and enjoyable attacks. Make the exciting animations and unique interactions with game elements exciting for you to enjoy. Perhaps most importantly, you will enjoy the game on any device, whether large or small.

Sound & Music

In addition, you can play with a relevant audio experience, together with an extravagant graphic for every scene. Because of this, it should allow you to immerse yourself in the gameplay perfectly.

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Final thoughts

Enjoy the action-packed gameplay of The Wild Darkness. You will certainly enjoy spending time in the many activities it offers. Here, you can freely engage in survival adventures, fight against an army of enemies, get involved with the ultimate crafting experiences, and try to find out lots of secrets throughout the game.