Torque Pro Apk (MOD, Patcher)

Users can gain insights into a car’s performance with the help of the Torque Pro Apk app. Users can examine the various aspects of the car’s performance. Users can use it to learn about carbon dioxide emissions or OBD fault codes. To repair the car themselves and save money, the user can also reset a DTC fault code.

It has a very large library of fault codes that is helpful to almost every car that is present on Earth. The app also offers support by allowing users to customize their experience. App users can select the themes or widgets they want to see on their dashboard. These can be used in an emergency or when there isn’t much time left. With this premium version of the app, the user can even send the logging data to any email address for analysis using the Excel or Open Office Reader applications.

The app also includes a heads-up display, which users can use while driving at night. It has a unique compass that is unaffected by magnetic interference. As it is GPS-based, it makes navigation simple for the user. The app includes a speedometer and dynamometer that inform users of the vehicle’s speed and rotational movement. Owners of cars and trucks can both use this with ease.

The app lets users use the turbo boost feature for cars that can support additional sensors like a MAP and MAF sensor. Additionally, the app gives users alarms and warnings if their temperature veers above or below the safe range. Users can also share their screenshots with other Android apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.


Is it easy to operate a Torque Pro Apk application?

Yes! It’s very simple to use Torque Pro Apk.

What is the level of accuracy of the app Torque Pro Apk?

The statistics about the car’s performance provided by the Torque Pro Apk app are pretty accurate.


Users can learn about the car’s performance using the incredible Torque Pro Apk app. It includes a speedometer, OBD default code detector, GPS tracker, and dynamometer. Users of the app can record their journey and search for anomalies in the vehicle’s performance.

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