True Phone Dialer & Contacts Apk (MOD, Pro Unlocked)

There is True Phone Dialer and Contacts for all those busy people who complete most of their work while on the phone. Through this app, you can regulate and manage your calls. It also has some other incredible features that you will undoubtedly adore.

Identify anonymous calls

This app is a wonder for you if you are constantly annoyed by anonymous calls because it has a mechanism that will enable you to recognize those pesky calls. As a result, this app is incredible in this regard. How incredible is that?

Real world like interface

Its user interface is very attractive and straightforward. You get a true dialer-like experience from it. It is also very easy to use. All you need to do is tap once, and it will be completed in seconds. As a result, this app will provide you with a very authentic experience.

Keep a record of your calls

This app simplifies the process if you want to listen to your calls later but are unsure how to do it. With the call recording feature offered by this app, you can listen to the call later. The option for automatic recording is also available.

Manage your calls

Your dialer and contacts can be easily managed and arranged in accordance with your preferences. You can prioritize your contacts using this feature, making it simple to locate them when necessary. This app is essential for you if your dialer is a mess.

Outstanding designs

The dialer and contact page designs in this app are excellent and fascinating. Applying any design from this app will make your dialer look appealing and captivating instead of plain and uninteresting.


Is true phone dialer and contacts ad free?

This app’s ad-free trial lasts only seven days before advertisements appear on your device. By using an in-app feature, you can remove the ads.

Can we edit and manage our contacts through true phone dialer and contacts?

Yes, this app makes it simple for you to manage and control your contacts.

Is true phone dialer and contacts a trustworthy app?

Without a doubt, this app is very protective and protects your data.

Is true phone dialer and contacts free?

Yes, you can download and use this app for free.

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