Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter MOD APK v0.29.5 (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu) Free on Android

Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter MOD APK gives a thrilling survival first-person perspective game experience. It is about a zombie invader apocalypse, and you are left on your own against the enemy. The game has many alternative weapons, and you’ll benefit from powerful firepower. You master skills by dazzling your broadcast live in addition to becoming a privileged middle-aged zombie fighter. The game supports offline mode, and your task is to bring down all the crazy zombies in a rainy city. There are a lot of exciting game modes, plus a brave zombie fight waiting for you in the problematic zombie chase.

Additional Information

App Name Knights Fight 2 MOD APK
Publisher APK FIESTA
Size 2 GB
Latest Version 1.1.9
Root Required No
Installs 100,000+
Required 5.0 and up
MOD Free
Genre Action
Developer Shori Games
Update 1 day ago
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Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter has many unique storylines. Players will explore many beautiful scenarios in each stage, and the game stays updated with many thrilling stories of hazards to bring in excitement with increasing amounts of time. The gameplay is very diverse, ensuring players can amuse themselves a lot more with many different fascinating rewards. The game has a vast single-player mode and a wide range of stories. On top of that, you should try the infinite running mode, which allows you to hone your wild shooting ability, blow up numerous zombies, and enjoy the game anywhere. However, the game mode is restricted and only available offline. Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter offers many places like ruined villages, narrow alleys, and dungeons. However, the game mode is somewhat restricted and needs to be played offline.

Players can boost the variety of zombies killed in their environment by utilizing “sponge” or “brimstone.” To properly use these obstacles, the player must know who and what’s around him. Catalyst areas, like the blaze on the remote-controlled vehicle, assist the player in combating numerous zombies simultaneously by reducing the player’s ammo refills and saving time. It is designed to be simple to use for particular scenarios. Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter offers a broad assortment of weaponry. You get a variety of weapons to kill zombies and other types of help in this environment. You could also discover some weapons to eliminate zombies and additional accessories within this setting. You can have firearms, sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, grenades with explosive charges and tanks, all of which are excellent travel gear in a zone full of dead creatures. Weapons are divided into different forms, so you can distinguish them based on their function.

The game allows you to have an option for automatic shooting for participants to enjoy themselves on the phone and is customized for new participants in the action genre. The game will allow players to have a certain amount of ammunition to use, and they’ll be given a certain number of bullets to start with as part of the beginning phase of any quest. If you defeat zombies, you will receive an extra amount of ammo. However, gamers can teach themselves to use their surroundings to conserve ammo. Blasters can also be upgraded with many alternative options. Gamers can unlock many new weapons thanks to the game’s various upgrade systems. Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter is not just diverse in its storyline but also has numerous kinds of zombies.

The game will include many types of zombies for players to shoot at their shooting accuracy. Each kind of zombie will have a specific attack, and players must be especially cautious to avoid harm. Remarkably, many tasks will have powerful zombies, powerful zombie against defenders and strikes. Of course, if you kill special zombies, then you get great rewards. Different types of zombies have various features. You meet typical zombies such as fat zombies, hopping zombies, sword-wielding crazy zombies, and poisonous zombies. There are no zombies that can’t be easily hurt, so it will take some time for you to get used to your rival killing him quickly. Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter is easy to understand, but playing it can be complicated. It would be best if you turned yourself into a zombie killer by studying the tactics of the household of the mad world. You can hide beneath your car and other objects as you fire your weapon.

Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter MOD APK Features


The Survival Zombie Shooter game was created with a PvE perspective and followed the conventional action FPS style. So the characters, navigation, and controls system are implemented conveniently and intuitively, ensuring that players can efficiently and effectively control their actions. To traverse, you use the left analog stick, and to carry out the activities on the right (like firing a weapon or using a grenade), you press left.

Graphics and sound

Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter has high-quality 3D graphics and is not inferior to any FPS action game on a mobile device. You can see the details of the weapons, the zombies’ noise, and each city’s bright lights. The sound suffers very little from the team and is made by large-scale systems. You hear gunshots and cries of the opponent after destruction. In short, the game fully satisfies the conditions for the game’s action and thrill.

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How to install Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter MOD APK on Android?

Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter MOD APK is an addictive game. One always wants to enjoy the game on their Android phone. But how to install it? Yes! Here I am to give a simple and to-the-point answer for what you are looking for.

The first thing needed is to uninstall it if it is previously installed on your Android phone. After that, you need to change settings to allow third-party app download.

Some of the steps that will help you in installing Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter are as follows:

  1. Click on the download button available below.
  2. Wait until the download completes.
  3. It will automatically start installing on your phone.
  4. Once correctly installed, you can enjoy the game with all its advanced features.

 NOTE: the app is protected from any malware.

How to download Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter MOD APK on PC?

Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter MOD APK game, and what if I told you that you could easily download it on your PC? Yes! You read it right; with some simple steps mentioned below, you can easily download your favorite game, Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter, on your PC. Bluestacks and NOX players must first install or download any mobile game on their PC.

Some of the following steps that will be helpful for beginners to install Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter gameplay on PC are as follows:

  1. To download the Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter game on PC, you first need to download the Bluestacks player to your PC. Bluestack is an Android emulator used to run Android applications on a PC.
  2. After installing Bluestack, you can download Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter for PC from our website, i.e., given below.
  3. After downloading, you need to execute the file, or you can also import it from windows for installation purposes.
  4. After the installation, click on the launch button to enjoy your favorite gameplay, “Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter,” on your PC.

How to install Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter MOD APK on MAC?

Installing Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter MOD APK on Mac is as simple as on PC. Mac also needs apps to help install the Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter on the system.

You need to download the Bluestacks or Nox player to install the game. These apps will easily allow download mobile apps and games on your Mac. You can easily enjoy Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter on your Mac by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Download the Bluestacks of Nox player, making it easy to get all mobile apps to run on Mac.
  2. Download the Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter file for Mac given below.
  3. Go to the file location on your Mac. Right-click and choose from the Bluestack or Nox player.
  4. Agree on the terms and conditions for installing Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter on Mac. It may take some time on Mac as compared to PC.
  5. The installation will start, and you will get a notification when done.
  6. Once installation is completed, enjoy the Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter game on your Mac.


The Zombeast Survival Zombie Shooter video game is a beautiful action game set on the theme of survival-zombie. You will have to fight alone in a dangerous city and encounter many special zombies. The game features a variety of gameplay and weaponry. It would be best if you won to unlock new accomplishments and weapons in a harsh world of survival. You must master your skills to effectively and efficiently face a deadly zombie apocalypse.